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No Need For Directions

     This is dedicated to the lawyer, the attorney and the barrister. Especially those in some of the Congressional delegations.      Have a superb week everybody, in spite of the mess we owe to our current government. Jake. No … Continue reading

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A Walk Amongst The Ancients

     A little more on the political/historical side if you will. I posted this last year in advance of the elections, as I felt the erosion of personal rights and moral issues to be looming on the horizon if  changes in … Continue reading

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The Law Suit

     I’m really pressed for time today, I’m off to work some overtime at the real job. So I’m giving you a brand, spanking new poem that I just wrote yesterday.. There is truth in humor and humor in truth.      I hope you … Continue reading

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A Letter To Lincoln

     Election day is five days away, and if only… A LETTER TO LINCOLN                                         Dear Abe,  I’m sorry to hear of your demise, for, I wish to God, that you were here, to set the nation straight and wise, and … Continue reading

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It’s A Living

     In keeping with the light-hearted theme of yesterday’s post, these thoughts went through my head on Monday.. Hoping you all have a titilating Tuesday. Smile, it’s okay, no one will see you, Jake.  It’s A Living The plumber once embarrassed, his … Continue reading

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The King’s Family

What riches bring to human kind  be not always joyful bliss, for hatred’s bred from out of greed, if but one coin, be missed. ~Jack Downing~ Enough said, Jake. The Kings Family Once there was a rich man, so rich, he thought he be, … Continue reading

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A Walk Amongst The Ancients

     I have refrained from posting any political poems  for a while, but today I think I will delve back into the subject a bit.. The following is just my opinion on where the United States has gone, and possibly worse, where it is headed. We have … Continue reading

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Practical Reality

     Short and sweet this morning… This should be the mantra, motto and the credo for all politicians and lawyers! Practical Reality  Neither confirm nor deny if “I don’t remember” will fly, but never, give a yes or a no. * … Continue reading

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An Accidental Truth

     With the Supreme Court of the United States now debating whether the Federal Government can force health insurance upon all of its citizens,(at taxpayer expense) I thought this poem may be appropriate to the occasion. Also, as an aside I … Continue reading

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A Letter To Lincoln

     Here in the U.S. we celebrated President’s Day this past Monday. It is  a holiday intended to honor Presidents Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays February 22nd and 16th respectively. I was remiss in not mentioning this on Monday, so belatedly, … Continue reading

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