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More Questions Than Answers

Do I fight for right and principle or just rest upon my laurels? Must I always watch my ass if I would prefer to eye the sorrels? Can I not question my decisions if I never doubt my morals? May … Continue reading

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Where Are The Answers?

Where Are The Answers? So many questions on life are asked but to our own particular soul like, how many minutes are there left until I’ve heard my final toll? * Will I be at peace then at the end … Continue reading

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Questions Of A Personal Nature

     This came to me a week or so ago, and it is a rather thought-provoking poem that elicited some  inner searching deeper than that which is my norm. But, I must confess that I am very pleased with its … Continue reading

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The Living Blanket

     It seems that I have lost the “drive” to write. I no longer have pen and paper handy at all times to record for posterity any and all of my inklings, full-fledged ideas or mere inspirations. No, I … Continue reading

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Suggestions: Pro And Con On Seasonal Donations

I was sent this through e-mail and somehow managed to copy and paste it here.. The print and presentation leave a lot to be desired, but the message is very clear “some charities are much more charitable than others”.. Happy … Continue reading

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My Happy Place

     Something new.. Ponder if you will the message here inside, for there is always somewhere, that we can go to hide.     Enjoy your week, Jake. My Happy Place I have nowhere to go but, I’m going … Continue reading

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The Church Of The Mind

     Finally the files are in place and my computer is up and running again. Hallelujah, hallelujah! Here is one from the old days, appropriate for a Sunday, I think.      I hope it gets you all thinking, Jake. THE … Continue reading

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Living Through The Eyes Of Others

    Another of those moralistic poems that I come up with now and then, you know the, “Do as I say and not as I do,” type. But the message is a true one, it tells us that the only opinion of ourselves that … Continue reading

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A Prayer

      Christmas Eve… The anticipation, the celebration, the jubilation, the gathering of family and friends! That, is what it is supposed to be all about. But, there are those, who  for a variety of reasons cannot or will not be home with us tonight exchanging gifts and … Continue reading

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Life Is A Feast

     Perhaps it is because I was raised in such a warm and loving family, that I feel so sad when I hear about this one or that one, who is not speaking to, or is feuding with, their sister or brother, or other relative … Continue reading

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