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When Death Came From The Sky

    Every year on this date I publish the following poem to keep the event fresh in my mind and in the mind of my faithful readers. I have edited it slightly this year and I don’t think it … Continue reading

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A True Man’s Passing

     Has it really been three years? How time does pass swiftly in retrospect! Rest in peace Mike Urban, you are remembered..      May we all pause for just a moment today to remember someone who has been … Continue reading

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A Cynic’s Look At Autumn

     There were so many things we did back in the “old days” that have been proven to be very harmful to the environment. We just didn’t know any better, like disposing of paints and motor oil into landfills, flushing gasoline down storm … Continue reading

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When Death Came From The Sky

     September 11, 2001, “The World Trade Center.”  REMEMBER!! WHEN DEATH CAME FROM THE SKY The morning sparkled, like a gem, the air was warm and dry, it was a nearly, perfect day, when death, came from the sky.  * … Continue reading

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     I don’t believe it….Of all the subjects that I have written poems about, there aren’t any about birthdays..Go figure! Well, today June 23rd just happens to be my birthday. So I will attempt to write one on the fly. HAPPY BIRTHDAY … Continue reading

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E Pluribus Unum

     After receiving a most touching comment from a very dear, and long-time  friend this morning, about yesterday’s posting of  “Hell‘s Fire,” concerning the poem itself, the inspiration for it, and the state of my “creative side,” (referring to it as a … Continue reading

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Hell’s Fire

     While enjoying a Sunday breakfast this past weekend at the “Station 5 Grille” in Natick, Massachusetts, a firefighter/firehouse themed restaurant, I was reminded of this poem from last year. As most of you know by now, I am not really “up” on my … Continue reading

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Brother To The Hawk

As I mentioned on Sunday, with the passing of a friend last year I wrote two poems in his honor. One which was posted on Sunday and this one, which at the risk of repeating myself was framed and mounted along with a picture … Continue reading

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A True Man’s Passing

     A year, one whole year, has passed already. So quickly are the days and months of our lives flowing onward. One year ago this past week, a friend lost a battle to cancer. He was a man in all respects of the word. Son, husband, father, … Continue reading

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Hell’s Fire

     I’m not going to give any long-winded blah, blah, blah, tonight, because this is a poem that is a tribute to some of the bravest, and most selfless people that God has ever created…The Firefighter. We lost a dear friend earlier … Continue reading

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