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The Wedding (pt. 4)

     The Wedding  August 20, 2011 All the worries of rain or other foul weather conditions brought on by the “ten-day forecast” gave way to this; a brilliant, sparkling, sunny day in the town of Portsmouth, N.H. (postal zip code 03801). The ladies had … Continue reading

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The Wedding (pt 2)

Ok, where was I? Oh, yeah, day one for the Downings, and we were back at the room and resting after lunch, for about an hour and a half, until we headed off to the Moffatt-Ladd  House and Gardens for the rehearsal, … Continue reading

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Rachel’s Wedding

      Well, the long-awaited day arrived on schedule. Prayers answered, not a drop of rain. I am going to try to relate the proceedings as best as I can remember, (that will be a challenge) but, for now I will only … Continue reading

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I Will Be

     Well, Rachel’s (my daughter) and Gregg’s wedding is but a week away….Time has been fleeting, and summer, a blur of colors, now waning…Has given way to ‘Bridal White’ and the new pallet from which all colors, henceforth, shall splash upon the canvas of their lives…To … Continue reading

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