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Roads and Paths

Inspired by a recent post from Minnesota Prairie by Audrey Kletscher Helbling, author and photographer extraordinaire on traveling the interstate highway systems.  Thanks Audrey for the motivation! Give her blog a visit you’ll enjoy her down home American Midwestern … Continue reading

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    It is now 5:45 pm est. and I am going to attempt to write a poem in the next 15 minutes, right before your eyes. Footprints Each step we take on life’s given path will be forever lost to … Continue reading

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A National Prayer

     With all that has happened around this nation during recent times I think that the following may just be the last hope for our country as we know it. Please pray the following prayer at least once a … Continue reading

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The Nest

     I don’t know why that I haven’t posted this one before, as it is one of my favorites. As you can see it was written back in April of 2010 when I was just getting started,(and was probably a lot more creative) … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Whiskey

     This was at first a song.. I had thought it somewhat  “Dylanesque,”  and more than somewhat presumptuous and pretentious on my part. It just flowed, and took on a life of its own. There is more to it than meets the eye, … Continue reading

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     Okay, good Saturday to all of you. I hope everyone has had a nice break from poemsandponderings. But, Heeee’sss Baaackk! Yes indeed, back to abnormal. And to start us off after the hiatus, a conundrum, a poser, a puzzle for you. I cannot take … Continue reading

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Answer to the Challenge

     Last Friday I issued another challenge, it involved the poem, “Wisdom Imparted.” The challenge was to determine the meaning of the last stanza. The response was underwhelming to say the least..Therefore..No more challenges.(and this time I mean it) Now … Continue reading

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Wisdom Imparted

       Okay, everybody put your thinking caps on…. We haven’t had a challenge in quite some time, that’s about to change.  (I know,,, “but Jake, it’s Friday, and we’re not supposed to think on Friday, unless it’s about the weekend and stuff … Continue reading

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I Have Been Tagged

     Thanks to my new friend Denise over at I have been tagged. She was tagged by and she simply had to “Tag” someone else, actually she “tagged” several of us and after some mind and soul-searching, I think this is … Continue reading

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Faces On The News

     I was reminded of this poem the other day while watching the local news on TV. A somewhat, less than attractive group of people, were relating to the reporter what had happened in their neighborhood. I don’t even remember the story, only the faces and the … Continue reading

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