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  I couldn’t remember if I had posted this one before, so I entered a search on my home page, and as it turned out, I had not posted this particular one, but my search did bring up “Teardrops Of … Continue reading

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A Blanky-Thanky

    I have been woefully neglectful in recent months by not extending my sincerest appreciation to the newcomers who have joined our small band of masochists here at poemsandponderings.wordpress.com. I welcome you to this site on behalf of all … Continue reading

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The Old Man At The Shrine

       I can’t think of a lead-in that would adequately describe the following poem, so I’ll let you read it and decide for yourselves what meaning or message it may carry. Here’s hoping  that your Tuesday is tremendous.   The … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s News

     Embellishment, fabrication, misinterpretation, mischief or mayhem, intentional or accidental, all of these are possible reasons why so-called true stories, need to be scrutinized and analyzed before being accepted as having the veracity that is “sworn to” by the teller of such tales. The longer the span of time from the … Continue reading

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A Blessing

With Saint Patrick’s Day approaching, I give you an Irish Blessing. And a wish for a safe and happy Day(s) of celebration. A BLESSING  May the good Lord, guide your footsteps. May your path, be free of stones. May He … Continue reading

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The Church Of The Mind

     Finally the files are in place and my computer is up and running again. Hallelujah, hallelujah! Here is one from the old days, appropriate for a Sunday, I think.      I hope it gets you all thinking, Jake. THE … Continue reading

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We Sail On The Wind

     Having more difficulties with the files, now I can’t access the old files at all, off of the disk. So I’m afraid you’ll have to settle for something a little bit recent. Please enjoy, Jake. We Sail On The … Continue reading

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Life’s Echoes

Life’s Echoes While some would say, it’s dementia, the old-timer’s mind, isn’t quite so sound. They’re living here in the present, but, to the past their thoughts be bound. Where each and every small detail, in their memory, can be … Continue reading

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Yet Another Blessing

     You all know how I love the Irish Blessings, so here is yet another… YET ANOTHER BLESSING  May the Good Lord always remember your name, and may He prepare for you,  a grand place.  *   And may you … Continue reading

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Oh, Columbia

Oh, Columbia Her captain sailed the “Ship of State” on to that fatal shoal. And a derelict, it now be, by his set course, and goal. *  Ne’er again to rise upon the highest tide. A rusted hulk of history … Continue reading

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