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A Wizard’s Revenge

     I think we should start off the weekend with a little bit of good-natured humor, wizard style. This is an older poem that I have, again, revised for your reading pressure pleasure.      Have a terrific weekend everyone, … Continue reading

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     Ghosts. Do you believe? Here’s what I think. Enjoy your Sunday, Jake. BETWEEN Their spirits wander still, they say as they did back in their living day, when feeling, breathing, beings were before death’s visit on him or … Continue reading

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If Only

     If… a word of conditional response without surety.      If only… two words of unconditional regret or of hope. Please reflect a bit on this, if you will. Jake. If Only   If only I had looked beyond the sunset. … Continue reading

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     I published this last year, and as I looked at it today, major changes jumped out at me, so I did some editing and here is the updated version for your pleasure. I have also included the previous version … Continue reading

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A Wizard’s Revenge

     Mystical, magical, even sometimes maniacal, “The Wizard” was a creature of wonder and awe. Entertaining the rich and the poor, the Lord and the lay-about, the craftsman and commoner, while astonishing all, with sights and sounds of mysterious origins. Wizards were always treated with respect and reverence, one never … Continue reading

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     We seem to take them for granted, that is, until foul weather makes us remember from whence it came. Clouds, those magnificent magnets of moisture, those mountains of “Marshmallow Fluff” floating on by at a pace, seemingly as slow as … Continue reading

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Saint Elmo And The Light

     My friend Bim, (see “Honors”) sent me some pictures today from the fisherman’s/seaman’s memorial in Gloucester, Massachusetts. To offer me an inspiration for a poem dedicated to those sailors who have been lost at sea. While the sailors in the following poem would not be lost, they did sail out of … Continue reading

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     I was trying to decide what to publish next and I was going through my “Stuff” and came across this one. Do you believe, that there are ‘spirits‘ here among us? I’ve seen and heard stories of this ‘haunted house’ or that … Continue reading

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