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The Empty Chair

     With Thanksgiving nearly upon us I wrote this poem in the memory of a close family friend who recently passed away. Claire had always considered herself to be a part of our family and was a regular member … Continue reading

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The Wandering Muse

     In the event that anyone has realized that I am not posting very often anymore.. The following should explain why!!      So, if anyone should find my muse, please send her home, I need her desperately.   … Continue reading

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The Eternal Smile

     This poem started off innocuously enough, with nothing in particular to connect it to anyone or anything, but as it took shape it became a tribute to the passing of a close personal friend of my wife who … Continue reading

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The Wake Of Molly O’Malley

     “I have no idea,” is the answer to the obvious question, from where in heaven’s name did this one come? I think a wee leprechaun invaded me head during a bout with the Guinness Flu. However, I kind of like the way it tells the story of a lass … Continue reading

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The Center Road

     I was reminded of this poem today, as my wife and I were talking about a situation with some friends of hers and I happened to mention that it might be in her best interest to try to stay … Continue reading

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A Name Upon This Wall

     Vietnam, speaking of unpopular, was a travesty. The way the we, (the government) waged the war was a travesty, the way it was covered on the nightly news was a travesty, the way the public and the so-called celebrities supported the enemy … Continue reading

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Honors (class reunion)

     Another reposting of a poem from a year and a half ago. My sister was part of a committee formed to organize their class reunion in 2010. One of the other organizers is a close personal friend of our family and … Continue reading

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Sarah’s Request

      I have posted this poem previously as well, and as suggested by the title it was written on request. Sarah, a co-worker and long-time supporter of my hobby, had read a poem of mine about friendship, I believe, and she asked me if … Continue reading

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Angel With A Broken Wing

     My wife and I were watching the movie “Jack and Jill” starring Adam Sandler, (who played both rolls) about identical twins, and the conflicts they were faced with and of course, the resolutions. We found the movie to be very funny, although somewhat sophomoric, at … Continue reading

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The Life and Death of Connor Finnegan (the finale)

       I want to thank all of you who have gotten this far with the poem, it shows great determination and dedication. I promise to lighten it up a little after this one. So, grab that cup of whatever got you through part 1, put your … Continue reading

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