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The Empty Chair

     With Thanksgiving nearly upon us I wrote this poem in the memory of a close family friend who recently passed away. Claire had always considered herself to be a part of our family and was a regular member … Continue reading

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The Wandering Muse

     In the event that anyone has realized that I am not posting very often anymore.. The following should explain why!!      So, if anyone should find my muse, please send her home, I need her desperately.   … Continue reading

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The Eternal Smile

     This poem started off innocuously enough, with nothing in particular to connect it to anyone or anything, but as it took shape it became a tribute to the passing of a close personal friend of my wife who … Continue reading

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The Wake Of Molly O’Malley

     “I have no idea,” is the answer to the obvious question, from where in heaven’s name did this one come? I think a wee leprechaun invaded me head during a bout with the Guinness Flu. However, I kind of like the way it tells the story of a lass … Continue reading

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The Center Road

     I was reminded of this poem today, as my wife and I were talking about a situation with some friends of hers and I happened to mention that it might be in her best interest to try to stay … Continue reading

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A Name Upon This Wall

     Vietnam, speaking of unpopular, was a travesty. The way the we, (the government) waged the war was a travesty, the way it was covered on the nightly news was a travesty, the way the public and the so-called celebrities supported the enemy … Continue reading

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Honors (class reunion)

     Another reposting of a poem from a year and a half ago. My sister was part of a committee formed to organize their class reunion in 2010. One of the other organizers is a close personal friend of our family and … Continue reading

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