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Twenty-Two Vets

     I must apologize this was supposed to publish this morning, but apparently it did not..      Some of you may remember this from two years ago, but this horrible and unbelievable situation still remains effect. And so, … Continue reading

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What Scares Me On Halloween

WHAT SCARES ME ON HALLOWEEN I’m not afraid of ghosts I’m not afraid of goblins I’m not afraid of monsters who come to my door hobblin’. No I’m not scared of fairy queens nor pirates with their swords! No, what … Continue reading

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     Ghosts. Do you believe? Here’s what I think. Enjoy your Sunday, Jake. BETWEEN Their spirits wander still, they say as they did back in their living day, when feeling, breathing, beings were before death’s visit on him or … Continue reading

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Christmas Cheer

     From the ghost of Christmas past, comes this bit of advice. I’ve edited it somewhat this year, I hope you enjoy it and perhaps some of us will heed the message. (Though as usual, it probably won’t be … Continue reading

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The Evening Of All Souls

          From out of the annals, freshly edited and renamed. I hope you like it…..Bwaaaa Haaaa Haaaa Haaaa!! Jake. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! THE EVENING OF ALL SOULS  The October day had surrendered to the dark, when … Continue reading

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The Evening Of All Saints

     Halloween, is on our doorsteps, eeeeeeewwwww… But  Halloween is not what it used to be, for a number of reasons.. Too many “Nut Jobs” out there doing sick things to the candy and such. Over-protective parents who would rather … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Lantern

     Let’s start the week with something from the darker side. After all it is approaching the Halloween season, is it not?       As usual for a Monday, I’m running a bit behind, (no, I didn’t get my A$$ chewed out) so, a quick … Continue reading

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Get Out, Get Out, Get Out

     Okay, I was told that I was getting a bit doomy and gloomy and that I had better lighten up a little.. All right then, you asked for it. We are going to take another trip into the music vault. This is a song about … Continue reading

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From Lexington To Babylon

     I really love this poem, as a person who has always been interested in American History. It tells the story of what our forefathers had to contend with, in the first two hundred years or so, of our existence. We truly had … Continue reading

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