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     Well now, what is humor? What is humorous? What makes us smile or laugh? There is not a single answer to these questions as we are all so different in our perspectives of “almost” everything. Take my wife,”please”, (thanks to the … Continue reading

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The Prize

     Okay, one more from the poem of the month club.. Another mushy, sappy, romantic poem, fresh off the presses. This should appeal to the ladies more than the gentlemen I would think, but the romantic in me…Made me do it. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Mirrors Of The Soul

     Here now is a new poem, for the romantics out there. Not typical of my works, but I would say it is something that the ladies especially, might enjoy. I would appreciate some/any,  feedback from those of you who are reluctant to … Continue reading

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Another Blessing

        Continuing on with the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day and the promise to work on other pressing matters, ie. Awards and things of that nature, here it is short, sweet, and poignant.      Have a trouble-free Tuesday,     Jake. ANOTHER … Continue reading

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God Save The Poor Man

        All rise!! Please welcome back the Right Reverend Jake who has  recently returned from a church “business trip” to the first annual “Sacramental wine tasting and Hootenanny” in the Napa Valley Region of Northern California, (and I got the t-shirt to prove it)* and has decided to grace us with his … Continue reading

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