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The Journey Beckons

     I have not ceased to be nor write, nor to be somewhat contrite, for my leisure in posting on this here blog and for that I blame not spell nor grog.     The cause of course is … Continue reading

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The First Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to all of my friends and subscribers. (It’s free, just click “follow” at the web site.) Jake. The First Christmas Day Angels, they were heard on high as a great star shone in the east Three kings of … Continue reading

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Keeping Christ In Christmas

     Here in the United States, it has become increasingly popular to homogenize the “Christmas Season” and it seems we have forgotten the true meaning of it. Over recent years we have allowed some, in our society, to dictate … Continue reading

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River Of Heartbreak

      Just before I had my little mental shut-down, a week or so ago, I  finished this poem in a matter of hours. I liked it a lot  from the very beginning, for the way that it came together and the message of it’s content.  There … Continue reading

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It’s In The Mail

      As my day job, currently, (but only until I start making money off of my poetry/songwriting) is at a(n?) United States Postal Service mail processing facility, I have ample opportunity to see, mail trucks. Surprise!! However, when this poem came to mind, it … Continue reading

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Of Poems and Ponderings

       On February 11, 2011,,  published for the first time, a post surprisingly titled; “Of Poems and Ponderings.” That was post #1 and fittingly it will also be post #300. I know that some of you may be saying “300 what’s the … Continue reading

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The Bag Of Old Saint Nick

     “Another Christmas related poem” I hear you say, “he led us to believe that they would be sporadic. And a mix of the serious and humorous.” Well, my faithful readers, I have devised a way to do both..The Alternate Ending. I, the “Poet Extraordinaire,” will reveal … Continue reading

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Perception (his view)

     If you read yesterday’s post you will know what this one is all about…Perception! And how men and women see and/or feel the same things in entirely different ways and perceive the actions of one another from perspectives unique to their gender, and … Continue reading

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    It’s Sunday morning, again. “Can I get an AMEN to that, my children?” (thank you Pastor Jake) And, as you know, on occasion, I turn the blog over to the “Right Reverend” Pastor Jake. Then, the preaching begins!! Today however, Pastor Jake has graciously, (although somewhat … Continue reading

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The Hobos And The Tramps

     Last week as I was reading “The Yellow House Cafe” here at “libraryscene” had mentioned that “trains” was a prompt over at d’Verse and I got to thinking  what could I write about trains. So while driving to work … Continue reading

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