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The Vanishing Class

     If you are tired of paying higher taxes, and having out of control government spending, then you are now, and will continue to be,  a part of “The Vanishing Class” of hard-working folk who are footing the bill … Continue reading

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Interjections And Reflections (10,13, & 16)

     It has been a little while since I have given you a taste from the Interjections and Reflections files. So, I thought what a better time to do it than a weekend when they will have less of … Continue reading

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Nursery Rhymes And Fairy Tales Revisited pt. 2

     Please remember that when I posted the first of these, I suggested that the rest of this category could take a down-turn at any time. Here is an example of that.       Believe me, they get worse, … Continue reading

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Special Love

     After seeing a close family friend’s posting on Facebook the other day, I realized the “special” kind of person that it takes to be the parent of a “special needs” child, as well as the other family members, along with the teachers and care givers. I … Continue reading

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The Hobos And The Tramps

     Last week as I was reading “The Yellow House Cafe” here at “libraryscene” had mentioned that “trains” was a prompt over at d’Verse and I got to thinking  what could I write about trains. So while driving to work … Continue reading

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The Welfare Seed

I promised this one to Carl over at “I know I made you laugh” here at With the state of the economy as it is, why hasn’t someone of authority suggested that “Welfare” be treated like “Unemployment“? You get … Continue reading

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