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Twenty-Two Vets

     The Boston Red Sox and New Balance Footwear inc. along with a large variety of  other sponsors (too numerous to mention here) are again hosting the “Run to Home Base” road race challenge on July 25, 2015  for the … Continue reading

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I Am What I Am, But What Am I?

Well I started the week with what I thought was a bit of humor, but apparently, I was among the few who felt that way. So let’s try again shall we? This is more straight-forward in its content. I do … Continue reading

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The War Of Love

     I heard a song on the radio that likened being in love to being at war, and this is what came out of that premise. I have said before that inspiration can come in many forms and in many … Continue reading

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When Hope Departs

When Hope Departs   Wherein lies the good hope when the truth is shown, with all doubt removed to face one’s mirror own?  * What purpose has it then to dream beyond the real, while knowing in the heart that … Continue reading

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Better Tell The Doctor

     This is another original song lyric for you. It is a story of  a person that is  hooked on drugs. Who, in the beginning of the song, is begging for help in the form of more drugs and then finally realizing that the help … Continue reading

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Maturity And Me

     I’m a little late in posting this morning, I must still be in vacation mode. So I think I’ll just dip into the “Song Lyrics” category and give you a little taste of music to start your week off right..All … Continue reading

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The Genesis Seed

     I was hesitant to post this poem at this time, only because of the “darkness” that it portrays, and Mondays have a morose feeling all of their own. As I have said in the past “the best work of the poet and songwriter is … Continue reading

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