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Twenty-Two Vets

     The Boston Red Sox and New Balance Footwear inc. along with a large variety of  other sponsors (too numerous to mention here) are again hosting the “Run to Home Base” road race challenge on July 25, 2015  for the … Continue reading

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I Am What I Am, But What Am I?

Well I started the week with what I thought was a bit of humor, but apparently, I was among the few who felt that way. So let’s try again shall we? This is more straight-forward in its content. I do … Continue reading

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The War Of Love

     I heard a song on the radio that likened being in love to being at war, and this is what came out of that premise. I have said before that inspiration can come in many forms and in many … Continue reading

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When Hope Departs

When Hope Departs   Wherein lies the good hope when the truth is shown, with all doubt removed to face one’s mirror own?  * What purpose has it then to dream beyond the real, while knowing in the heart that … Continue reading

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Better Tell The Doctor

     This is another original song lyric for you. It is a story of  a person that is  hooked on drugs. Who, in the beginning of the song, is begging for help in the form of more drugs and then finally realizing that the help … Continue reading

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Maturity And Me

     I’m a little late in posting this morning, I must still be in vacation mode. So I think I’ll just dip into the “Song Lyrics” category and give you a little taste of music to start your week off right..All … Continue reading

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The Genesis Seed

     I was hesitant to post this poem at this time, only because of the “darkness” that it portrays, and Mondays have a morose feeling all of their own. As I have said in the past “the best work of the poet and songwriter is … Continue reading

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  Please believe me when I say to you, that this is just a story, purely fiction, originating from an unknown region of my mind. Words tumble together sometimes without intent or direction until that imaginary light bulb goes on above my head and I simply … Continue reading

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The Unwanted Gift (A history of Indian Affairs)

     This is the final poem of ‘Native American Week’. Today’s Indians are, for the most part, destitute, indigent, people. Not all tribes have big fancy casinos raking in the dough, from the suckers. No. Most Indians have to rely … Continue reading

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