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The Wandering Muse

     In the event that anyone has realized that I am not posting very often anymore.. The following should explain why!!      So, if anyone should find my muse, please send her home, I need her desperately.   … Continue reading

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The Captain Lives

    Here is another “I don’t want to grow up” themed poem for your reading pleasure.. They seem to come to me more and more as I “advance” in years. But now, if you will excuse me, my inner … Continue reading

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The High Cost Of Love

    A quick little post this morning and something to think about when you believe that you are falling in love.. Be careful, Jake.     The High Cost Of Love  A love that is true is a gift to … Continue reading

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Politics In Haiku (Part II)

     It has been awhile dear friends since I have posted anything, so I thought that when I posted today it should be something topical. And immediately, politics came to mind and my Haiku postings usually garner a healthy … Continue reading

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Some Things I Love

     I was looking through the vault for something to post for the weekend, and after shaking off the dust I came across this moldy-oldie and I thought to myself * this will be perfect for this time of year. … Continue reading

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The Fourth Of July In Haiku

      On vacation this week, and not taking the computer with me, but I couldn’t let the “fourth” go by(e) without posting something for you.. So I will combine the Holiday with Haiku. I hope you will smile, think, and reflect on … Continue reading

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The Prospect For Peace

     In deference to Ernest Hemingway, but… ‘The Son Also Rises‘… Happy Easter to all of my Christian friends. Also, I must apologize to my Jewish friends for my unintentional oversight in not wishing all of you a Happy Passover this past week. May God … Continue reading

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Closets And Windows

          It’s been a few years since I last posted this one. Still it is one of my favorites. It is moralistic without doubt, but that moral, is more evident today with all of the “social media” and “smart phones”  and … Continue reading

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Mary’s Limerick

     By now you all know how much I love “limericks” must be the Irish in me. So here is another for your enjoyment, at least that is the intent.      Today is *National “Find a friend Friday” do your … Continue reading

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Work To Be Done

     Yesterday, (Monday 7/23/12) around Southern New England, was very close to the perfect weather day, and yet I had to go to work, as did most of us, I’m sure. But it brought back memories of long, lazy summer days with clear blue skies, … Continue reading

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