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A Day Of Thanks And Giving

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OF YOU AND MAY WE REMEMBER HIM IN OUR CELEBRATIONS Jake. A Day Of Thanks And Giving  A crisp, they say, is in the air, and the sun may shine, or not. And the turkey on … Continue reading

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The War Of Love

     I heard a song on the radio that likened being in love to being at war, and this is what came out of that premise. I have said before that inspiration can come in many forms and in many … Continue reading

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A Crooked Trail

     If I cannot create something new, then the least I can do is offer you something that I have posted before and that I am proud to have written, (believe me there is a lot on the other side of the ledger … Continue reading

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A Saint Patrick’s Day Continuum

     A few more “blessings” and the like, as a lead-in to St. Patrick’s Day weekend, for your amusement, pondering and reading enjoyment. Sal’s Blessing May you live your life in your own way. And may that way be with style … Continue reading

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It’s Not Too Much To Ask

       Somewhere in this world, there are members of our armed forces, who at this very moment in time are facing, or are about to face, life-threatening situations. Yes, our troops are still deployed in hostile environs and they are still fighting and dying for this country and our way of … Continue reading

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The Veteran & Thanks To Those Who Served

      Just a final thank you to our Veterans. The Veteran History will not make note, their name, those keepers past of “Freedom’s Flame.” Nor those who now are guardians still, who bequeath us liberty, by their will. No, history will not … Continue reading

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She Was A Witch

     As it is nearing Halloween I thought that we might like a little “witchy” poem. Short on time today, so “TH TH THAT’ S ALL FOLKS.” Have some fun with it and have a terrifying terrific Tuesday, Jake. SHE WAS … Continue reading

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A Crew Of Fools

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     By now I’m sure that you all know that I’m not politically attached to either party. But I do have a very strong opinion on the party that is currently in office and in my opinion, are destroying our once great nation.  And, I do … Continue reading

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Me In A Nutshell

     Alright, so who is this guy named Jake, or is it Jack or was it JoJo, Reverend Jake or Emperor Tojo? Or maybe he/she is really someone who we haven’t even yet met. Relax my friends, after all, what’s in a name? A name doesn’t say who … Continue reading

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The Pirate Jacob Grey

     This poem is actually the second poem involving the pirate Jacob Grey, a fictional buccaneer, who roamed the high seas in the early to mid 1700’s. Tomorrow’s post was actually written before this one, about a year and half before, as a matter of fact. But … Continue reading

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