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It would seem to me that each and every year we decide that this is “the time” to alter and atone for some of our bad behaviors of the past year (and/or life) and give up some of those bad … Continue reading

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The Animal Kingdom

     Today, September 22nd, is the first day of autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere, and with that comes cooler weather in many places, and a good time to think about the animals in our lives. Extreme cold and heat are perhaps more … Continue reading

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A Collection of Original Thoughts

     Good Sunday morning to you all. I thought that today I would offer you a few tidbits, of original sin thoughts  for your reading enjoyment and reflection. If any of your morning beverage happens to come out through your nose, then I have been … Continue reading

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     Just a couple of thoughts I had this week. Does anyone remember YoYos anymore? Oh, and what about kites? Yeah, I see the occasional kite, although it is usually some high-tech thig-a-ma-jig. Not just the flimsy paper, stretched between two crossed sticks, with some kind of a … Continue reading

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     I may do a theme week again, I’m thinking maybe, friends. I don’t have a lot of close friends anymore, at least not those that I see on a regular basis. How did this happen? I don’t really know, time and circumstance, I … Continue reading

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I Have Been Tagged

     Thanks to my new friend Denise over at I have been tagged. She was tagged by and she simply had to “Tag” someone else, actually she “tagged” several of us and after some mind and soul-searching, I think this is … Continue reading

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Interjection #10

     It’s Monday and I have to go into work early today, so I am taking the easy way out… Last week I gave you “Reflections #10” so today you get “Interjection #10” I hope you will like them. Having … Continue reading

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