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Roads and Paths

Inspired by a recent post from Minnesota Prairie Roots@www.wordpress.com by Audrey Kletscher Helbling, author and photographer extraordinaire on traveling the interstate highway systems.  Thanks Audrey for the motivation! Give her blog a visit you’ll enjoy her down home American Midwestern … Continue reading

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A Day At The Shore

        The following photographs are of Perkins Cove, Ogunquit Me. one of the most picturesque of shoreline locations. I will personally attest to the quality of the food, the fishing and the quaint ambiance oh, and the … Continue reading

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My Happy Place

     Something new.. Ponder if you will the message here inside, for there is always somewhere, that we can go to hide.     Enjoy your week, Jake. My Happy Place I have nowhere to go but, I’m going … Continue reading

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A Traveler’s Warning

     Don’t ask me where this one came from, I have no idea what-so-ever. But I can picture this on a sign just inside the door of an inn, English or Irish, come immediately to mind, though early America probably had it’s share of these types of … Continue reading

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I’m Back

     I just got back from a couple of days away to the great state of Maine, so I’m really not prepared to post my usual blather, so here is just a thought from Reflections, page fourteen…I hope you weekend has gone well, and … Continue reading

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Come On In

     It would seem that the Reverend Jake, has a serious side, of which I was not fully aware. This came in a message this week, as a suggestion for my Sunday offering to you.. So on behalf of the Right Reverend, (and with thanks … Continue reading

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A Candle In The Church (A Message from Reverend Jake)

     My good friend Aina (no link available at this time) asked me to pass on her regards to Reverend Jake. I told her that the Right Reverend was on a “mission” to Alaska, courtesy of the generosity, of his congregation. Yes, he sailed out of … Continue reading

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Maturity And Me

     I’m a little late in posting this morning, I must still be in vacation mode. So I think I’ll just dip into the “Song Lyrics” category and give you a little taste of music to start your week off right..All … Continue reading

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Recollection #1

     I’m still on vacation…. RECOLLECTION #1 I remember the cold, of Norfolk, when the changing, of the tides, funneled the wind, off the Chesapeake, with a carrier, on both sides. A thousand plus, feet of misery, on any given … Continue reading

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     It was suggested to me today that recently my posts have had a dark side to them, and I was asked (with concern) if perhaps, there was an underlying reason for that..I assured my loving brother that all is … Continue reading

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