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The Duel

     This is the story of young men being swept up by passion. For the love affection of a woman, men will do incredibly foolish things. And while today dueling is illegal, the effects and use of “feminine charms,” whether innocently or not, may still … Continue reading

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A Royal Blessing

     Why don’t we stay on the “royal” subject one more day? Though this one is not about death and greed, it’s about a wish for all things royal,  for anyone who reads it.       As kings and queens is … Continue reading

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A Shakespearean Look At Women

     Another “visitor” has appeared recently and “spoketh unto me” in language elde and yet with true insight as to the situation that faces every man, in pursuit of the ultimate,, the complete understanding of the fairer sex. “Dream on thou hapless soul, and seek to hold the … Continue reading

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The Suitor At The Door

     As some of you are aware, I am of Irish descent. I was raised in a manner not known so much today. A manner of “manners” actually, and of courtesy, along with respect for our elders, and most of all … Continue reading

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The Prize

     Okay, one more from the poem of the month club.. Another mushy, sappy, romantic poem, fresh off the presses. This should appeal to the ladies more than the gentlemen I would think, but the romantic in me…Made me do it. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Mirrors Of The Soul

     Here now is a new poem, for the romantics out there. Not typical of my works, but I would say it is something that the ladies especially, might enjoy. I would appreciate some/any,  feedback from those of you who are reluctant to … Continue reading

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The Duel

     I don’t think I have posted this before, but it has a few stanzas and I am going to try to use the solution that Denise over at.., offered. I have been given a few different suggestions to try, and … Continue reading

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Humor is the order of the day.

     These past few days have been a time of solemn remembrances, and I for one, need a boost. No, not the extra/extra ‘Caffachino latte,’ or the ‘double Jamocha,’ (Beth Ann) with twelve sugars, or whatever it is that people are drinking today for … Continue reading

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