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A National Prayer

     With all that has happened around this nation during recent times I think that the following may just be the last hope for our country as we know it. Please pray the following prayer at least once a … Continue reading

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The Prospect For Peace

     In deference to Ernest Hemingway, but… ‘The Son Also Rises‘… Happy Easter to all of my Christian friends. Also, I must apologize to my Jewish friends for my unintentional oversight in not wishing all of you a Happy Passover this past week. May God … Continue reading

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The Salty Dog

     For those who miss the ocean, and their home.. A little something light. Happy Wednesday, Jake. THE SALTY DOG  Now, whenever I get the notion, that I miss being near, the ocean, I just head downtown, to a bar … Continue reading

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Sean Michael McGee And The Papalcy

     Written two years ago as my St. Patrick’s Day offering it seems quite a bit more appropriate this year with the events unfolding in Rome. I hope that it is as well-received this year as it was then..       May … Continue reading

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When Jesus Was Small

     MERRY CHRISTMAS! Yup, there, I said it, shame on me… NOT!  It is about time that we stand up and rejoice in that of which we believe, and be vocal about it. We cannot allow the very meaning of Christmas to be extracted, diluted, or … Continue reading

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A Christmas Reflection

     I said yesterday that the post I had planned on using for Saturday, would have been inappropriate under the circumstances, so I will save that for next week. This poem however, seems more appropriate now, than when it first came to mind. … Continue reading

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A Candle In The Church (A Message from Reverend Jake)

     My good friend Aina (no link available at this time) asked me to pass on her regards to Reverend Jake. I told her that the Right Reverend was on a “mission” to Alaska, courtesy of the generosity, of his congregation. Yes, he sailed out of … Continue reading

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Did God Give Up On Us?

     Sunday morning is perfect timing for this poem. It is very serious and spiritual in nature, and it does not need  much of  an introduction.       Have a superior Sunday everyone, Jake.       But ask yourselves this question… Did God Give … Continue reading

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A Blessing For Baby

    As many of you know I am especially fond of Irish Blessings and I have taken it upon myself at times to attempt to continue the rich tradition. Some of the them have humor, some have a spiritual nature and some are just offered for … Continue reading

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Imperfect Deity

     I don’t know if this appropriate for the Easter and Passover Holidays or not, as it professes that my God is not perfect. Which, goes against all of the religious teachings I have received. But, the message and my belief is, that my God has a … Continue reading

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