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More Questions Than Answers

Do I fight for right and principle or just rest upon my laurels? Must I always watch my ass if I would prefer to eye the sorrels? Can I not question my decisions if I never doubt my morals? May … Continue reading

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A Day At The Shore

        The following photographs are of Perkins Cove, Ogunquit Me. one of the most picturesque of shoreline locations. I will personally attest to the quality of the food, the fishing and the quaint ambiance oh, and the … Continue reading

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The Old Wazoo

     I think we should have a little bit of humor to start the new year. The following is definitely a case of  a “caveat emptor”  or “let the buyer beware!” It seems especially true when it comes to … Continue reading

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The Salty Dog

     For those who miss the ocean, and their home.. A little something light. Happy Wednesday, Jake. THE SALTY DOG  Now, whenever I get the notion, that I miss being near, the ocean, I just head downtown, to a bar … Continue reading

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Nantucket Sound

     As I was scrolling through my list of poems looking for something to post today, I skittered past this one at first, when the word ‘Nantucket‘ jumped out at me. Well that certainly gave me pause, as I didn’t remember ever writing anything that had ‘Nantucket’ in … Continue reading

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A Serviceman’s Prayer

     A new year has begun, but the old problems didn’t just go away at the stroke of midnight and the drop of the ball in Times Square. No, we still have wars going on and warriors away from home for … Continue reading

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Gertrude and Franny

      After all of the nonsense of the political season, I just finished a nonsense poem of my own. Though it is nonsensical, there is a moral to the tale. Please have a good time with it, and enjoy your Thursday, … Continue reading

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I Built An Ark

      Continuing along in the humorous vein.. The following is still one of my favorites, I posted it awhile ago, when there weren’t as many of you reading my balderdash (love that word, it’s fancy for crap) and I was surprised that it did not … Continue reading

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The Treasure Of Jacob Grey

     Part two of the Jacob Grey saga, (which was part one initially) and this poem tells of the finders of at least some of his buried treasure, what they went through to get it and the outcome. Finders, keepers is the law in … Continue reading

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The Pirate Jacob Grey

     This poem is actually the second poem involving the pirate Jacob Grey, a fictional buccaneer, who roamed the high seas in the early to mid 1700’s. Tomorrow’s post was actually written before this one, about a year and half before, as a matter of fact. But … Continue reading

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