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The Final Run Of Engine Number Nine

     This is one of my longest poems, an epic if you will, and one of my story poems. Please take a minute (or 3) and put yourself in the engine compartment of Engine Number Nine.. But don’t stay there … Continue reading

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While The Village Slept

     Complacency, is as dangerous as incompetence. We must never again let our guard down, America is a target for any number of hate mongers who are determined to bring us down. We must further secure our borders, north and south, and … Continue reading

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The Sentence

     Now for something completely different… I do hope you will like it, Jake. The Sentence “What say ye gentlemen, tis it to prison, or nay for this cur that I see, afore me today?” * And thus to my … Continue reading

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Seven Steps To Death

     Monday, what better day to post this dark poem? It is fairly long, but it needed to be, to tell the story of the short, misguided life of the subject. Too many news stories of today are reflected in this poem. While … Continue reading

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I Built An Ark

      Continuing along in the humorous vein.. The following is still one of my favorites, I posted it awhile ago, when there weren’t as many of you reading my balderdash (love that word, it’s fancy for crap) and I was surprised that it did not … Continue reading

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The Life and Death of Connor Finnegan (part 1)

     This is not a feel good poem in any way, it is a fictional work about a very real situation. The conflict between the Irish Republic and the British Crown was a bloody and hard-fought “war” for the jurisdiction/control of the … Continue reading

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Sean Michael McGee And The Papalcy

     This was my St. Patrick’s Day post of last year, and as the day again approaches, I believe it’s time to put my “Irish” on, so for the next few days I may throw some bits of it at … Continue reading

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Saint Elmo And The Light

     My friend Bim, (see “Honors”) sent me some pictures today from the fisherman’s/seaman’s memorial in Gloucester, Massachusetts. To offer me an inspiration for a poem dedicated to those sailors who have been lost at sea. While the sailors in the following poem would not be lost, they did sail out of … Continue reading

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The Wedding (pt. 4)

     The Wedding  August 20, 2011 All the worries of rain or other foul weather conditions brought on by the “ten-day forecast” gave way to this; a brilliant, sparkling, sunny day in the town of Portsmouth, N.H. (postal zip code 03801). The ladies had … Continue reading

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The Cadence of St. Stephen

     I have restrained myself long enough from publishing one of my longer story/poems. It may take you a bit of time to read it, but I hope you will like it. I have a few more of some length … Continue reading

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