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The Sentence

     Now for something completely different… I do hope you will like it, Jake. The Sentence “What say ye gentlemen, tis it to prison, or nay for this cur that I see, afore me today?” * And thus to my … Continue reading

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The Hobos And The Tramps

     Ah, the good old days, you may laugh at that, but you know what, maybe for them it wasn’t all that bad. Always moving, no responsibility, except for their own survival, and what they had, was true freedom. Simple, cold, down in … Continue reading

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A Traveler’s Warning

     Don’t ask me where this one came from, I have no idea what-so-ever. But I can picture this on a sign just inside the door of an inn, English or Irish, come immediately to mind, though early America probably had it’s share of these types of … Continue reading

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The Suitor At The Door

     As some of you are aware, I am of Irish descent. I was raised in a manner not known so much today. A manner of “manners” actually, and of courtesy, along with respect for our elders, and most of all … Continue reading

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The Treasure Of Jacob Grey

     Part two of the Jacob Grey saga, (which was part one initially) and this poem tells of the finders of at least some of his buried treasure, what they went through to get it and the outcome. Finders, keepers is the law in … Continue reading

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Clock Wise

     In advance I say…You’re welcome.. For what, you might ask? Well, today I am feeling less blabbery, (is that a word?) than is my usual. I’m up against the “clock” so to speak. Therefore, you are welcome.. Short and sweet will … Continue reading

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Thanks Dad

     My father would have been ninety-four this past week had he lived. The following poem cannot relate the some-what strained, relationship we had during my early teenage years. Being a smartass kind of kid, who thought that I could get … Continue reading

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The Hobos And The Tramps

     Last week as I was reading “The Yellow House Cafe” here at “libraryscene” had mentioned that “trains” was a prompt over at d’Verse and I got to thinking  what could I write about trains. So while driving to work … Continue reading

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An Idle Thought &The Kingdom Comes to Pass

 It’s double-header day here at poemsandponderings. This was written over two years ago, and now the political B.S. is starting all over again “I’ll do this” and “I’ll do that” they tell us. Or the “we just need a little more time … Continue reading

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