On Being A Curmudgeon

On Being A Curmudgeon 

When summer arrives just a bit too soon and gets one to complainin’ is there not then something wrong? Since the spring’s been mostly rainin’?  

I’m thinkin’ that it must be the New Englander here inside of me or just an old curmudgeon’s ways a strainin’.

When I was once a younger man and I frankly couldn’t give a damn if it was cold or hot, and not, therefore a word of this be sayin’ .

But time it seems has come and gone and left me here with the old grumps gone and where someone needs to be the one remainin’!

And so you’ll know I’m not alone there’s plenty more who’ll gripe and moan at just about everything with no refrainin’ .

Your grampa did it and your gramma too, but never, ever in front of you they saved it for the selected few who needed their explainin’.

Yeah, you see that things ain’t like they used to be, the weather, the politics the music and me, but don’t look now, because on you the years are gainin’.

I’ll say this now and I won’t repeat, these thoughts of mine so less than sweet that you may remember some day when your patience has gone a wanin’!

You’ll have the right to speak your mind and trust me now you’re gonna find that to stay young is the only way to resist a love of life from drainin’!


Jack Downing

May  2017

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Hearth and Health are wonderful things and if you're without either such sorrow that brings So I cannot express enough thanks to my Lord and to my family and friends for the support you afford! ~Jack Downing~
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6 Responses to On Being A Curmudgeon

  1. Another problem is that today’s world does not know what a curmudgeon is.Or how to spell it. It takes a lot of work to perfect the curmudgeon style and if we can’t think of something to sneer about we invent something. Whiners are cry babies but a curmudgeon is an artist, a master of contempt and ridicule. And these president s- they’re all idiots. I voted for Teddy Roosevelt. Now that was a president.

    • And you sir are, as is my own darn self, a master curmudgeon and of which we take a good deal of pride, for it does not take mere time but an abundance of attitude and a great deal of practice!

  2. This made me laugh out loud.

    We talk a lot about the weather in Minnesota, old or not.

  3. Well I’m sure by now that you’ve heard or maybe not..: ‘That if you’re liking the weather here in New England,.Just wait a minute it’ll change’. Or something along those lines. lol

  4. We say that in MN too. Boston seems to have worse winters than here in MN.

  5. Must be the Nor’easters or we just complain louder and more often.. lol

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