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Come Join The National Guard

     Okay, I’m back. And I’m going to start you off with another from the song lyric file. Again it is a humorous, (I think) bit of word play intended for listening pleasure, but for now I’ll be happy if it … Continue reading

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She Was A Witch

     As it is nearing Halloween I thought that we might like a little “witchy” poem. Short on time today, so “TH TH THAT’ S ALL FOLKS.” Have some fun with it and have a terrifying terrific Tuesday, Jake. SHE WAS … Continue reading

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The Wake Of Molly O’Malley

     “I have no idea,” is the answer to the obvious question, from where in heaven’s name did this one come? I think a wee leprechaun invaded me head during a bout with the Guinness Flu. However, I kind of like the way it tells the story of a lass … Continue reading

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It’s A Living

     In keeping with the light-hearted theme of yesterday’s post, these thoughts went through my head on Monday.. Hoping you all have a titilating Tuesday. Smile, it’s okay, no one will see you, Jake.  It’s A Living The plumber once embarrassed, his … Continue reading

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The Seasons In Haiku

     Last week I posted my first attempt at “Haiku”  (to rave reviews I might add) and I was encouraged to continue with what is “a natural talent” for the art..So naturally, once again, I’m not taking any responsibility, what-so-ever, if you … Continue reading

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An Accidental Truth

     With the Supreme Court of the United States now debating whether the Federal Government can force health insurance upon all of its citizens,(at taxpayer expense) I thought this poem may be appropriate to the occasion. Also, as an aside I … Continue reading

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A Day of Thanks and Giving

      Here in the United States, tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving Day, a national holiday. Just the fact that it is still called “Thanksgiving Day,” is to me, somewhat incredulous. For it implies the act of thanking God, for all that He has provided us. That is … Continue reading

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The Right To Remain Silent

     After watching the news the past couple of days, I am convinced we are loosing our “America”. Illegal, oh, I’m sorry ‘undocumented’ immigrants, are complaining that the U.S. Government is assisting the State Government in locating and attempting to … Continue reading

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