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May the God that they worshiped grant unto them the peace for which they so bravely sacrificed themselves for us who are the living!    Arlington Crosses and stars perfectly rowed on manicured fields so patiently mowed. Red, white and … Continue reading

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The Valiant One

     Each Memorial Day a service is held at my workplace in honor of the men and women who have served in the armed forces of our nation and who are no longer with us, their tour of duty … Continue reading

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A Wizard’s Revenge

     I think we should start off the weekend with a little bit of good-natured humor, wizard style. This is an older poem that I have, again, revised for your reading pressure pleasure.      Have a terrific weekend everyone, … Continue reading

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A Wizard’s Revenge

     Mystical, magical, even sometimes maniacal, “The Wizard” was a creature of wonder and awe. Entertaining the rich and the poor, the Lord and the lay-about, the craftsman and commoner, while astonishing all, with sights and sounds of mysterious origins. Wizards were always treated with respect and reverence, one never … Continue reading

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Generally Speaking

     Sherman, (not the Civil War general) and I, took another trip in the *”Wayback Machine” recently. “Sherman” said I, “set the machine for June of 2009, and let’s see where that takes us!” Well, upon arrival we came upon … Continue reading

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The Saga Of DD Fifty-three

     This poem is a work of fiction, dedicated to those who served aboard naval vessels during World War II. Historical accuracy is not guaranteed, (was sonar actually in use on U.S. surface ships in 1943? I really don’t know.) however, the … Continue reading

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Generally Speaking

    I have promised to be a little more upbeat today. When I came across this one I thought, “this is just the one to post, as a tribute to the ladies.” Magnificent creatures that you are, and worthy of a high rank … Continue reading

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A Name Upon This Wall

     As I said yesterday, my friend Bim,(Eileen) inspired this poem when she mentioned that she was going to go down to the Viet Nam Memorial in Washington, D.C. in November in honor of Veteran’s Day. She asked me if I had ever written anything … Continue reading

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Saint Elmo And The Light

     My friend Bim, (see “Honors”) sent me some pictures today from the fisherman’s/seaman’s memorial in Gloucester, Massachusetts. To offer me an inspiration for a poem dedicated to those sailors who have been lost at sea. While the sailors in the following poem would not be lost, they did sail out of … Continue reading

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A Dog’s Life

     I have just learned of a new subscriber to poemsandponderings, a veterinarian from Australia. Welcome aboard Doc, this one’s for you. The rest of you have read this before. A couple of months ago I posted this and though I did say it … Continue reading

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