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Death Of A Stranger

    I’ve been working on this one for most of the month, and each time that I read it, I change it. So I’m not going to read it again.. For a while.. It is very long, but I … Continue reading

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So I’ve Been Told

     We’ve all heard the old sayings, adages, and wive’s tales. Some have been found to be true, but in general, well… I’m hoping to put a smile on your faces today, Jake. So I’ve Been Told  Well touchin’ frogs and … Continue reading

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Gertrude and Franny

      After all of the nonsense of the political season, I just finished a nonsense poem of my own. Though it is nonsensical, there is a moral to the tale. Please have a good time with it, and enjoy your Thursday, … Continue reading

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She Was A Witch

     As it is nearing Halloween I thought that we might like a little “witchy” poem. Short on time today, so “TH TH THAT’ S ALL FOLKS.” Have some fun with it and have a terrifying terrific Tuesday, Jake. SHE WAS … Continue reading

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The Animal Kingdom

     Today, September 22nd, is the first day of autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere, and with that comes cooler weather in many places, and a good time to think about the animals in our lives. Extreme cold and heat are perhaps more … Continue reading

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Alexander’s Blessing

     Okay, one more day of humor. This is a house blessing that I wrote a couple of years ago, after the dust settled on my mother-in-law‘s estate, and we (my wife and I) bought out the other “interested” parties … Continue reading

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     Well let us begin year #2 with Interjections #2. We haven’t seen this category in a while and it usually brings about a good response. Even though it is the weekend, I’m still looking for all of the attention that I can … Continue reading

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Just Nonsense

     Oh boy, another Saturday morning, what do I feel like posting today, let’s see, something political,,nah, how about something serious, like greed or death,,nah, spiritual maybe, nah, wait I’ve got it, HUMOR, how about something silly,,in fact, how about … Continue reading

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     Perhaps my least favorite of all the seven poems, that is why I saved it for Saturday..The quietest of all blogging days, at least in my limited experience. As I am working on Sunday’s Super Bowl post, no frills here..      Have a supersonic Saturday, … Continue reading

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Alexander’s Blessing

     Sunday mornings are for spiritual thought and reflection. This poem was written after we purchased our home (the family homestead) from the estate of my late mother-in-law, though it was originally built by my late father-in-laws family somewhere around … Continue reading

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