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The Visionary

     I have heard a lot of talk lately from people who are very much attuned to the spirituality of man and to most things of a biblical nature, about the “Rapture” and the “End of Days” and how … Continue reading

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Winter In New England

     In case you haven’t heard, we are having one heck of a winter here in New England and that’s just in the past two weeks, give or take a day or two. Foot upon foot of the white … Continue reading

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Teardrops Of A Cold Heart

     “Sorry seems to be the hardest word“* Sometimes in our lives we come across people who just do not have a kind word or act for anyone except themselves. These are the people who will someday end up … Continue reading

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When Next I Go

     After the frivolity of St. Patrick’s Day, and with the seasons of Easter and Passover upon us, I thought something a little more spiritual may be in order.       I hope you like it,       Jake. When Next I Go My eyes … Continue reading

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In A Time Of Mercy

     It is Sunday morning and a perfect time to post this one again. This was written during a brief, but very trying time in the lives of my family and myself. I won’t go back through the details, but I … Continue reading

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A Christmas Reflection

     I said yesterday that the post I had planned on using for Saturday, would have been inappropriate under the circumstances, so I will save that for next week. This poem however, seems more appropriate now, than when it first came to mind. … Continue reading

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The Law Suit

     I’m really pressed for time today, I’m off to work some overtime at the real job. So I’m giving you a brand, spanking new poem that I just wrote yesterday.. There is truth in humor and humor in truth.      I hope you … Continue reading

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A Passing Conversation

      Feeling spiritual today, I don’t know if it is just the process of reflection on life, or because of Hurricane Sandy, that is about to smash into the east coast of the U.S..  But whatever the reason, I pray that He will answer all of the prayers … Continue reading

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Scratchin’ For Dollars

SCRATCHIN’ FOR DOLLARS Well, I’m a ‘scratch-aholic‘, I’m lookin’ for the kill. Give me, a couple dollars, then go scratchin’, I will. $ I’ll scratch, with a dollar, I’ll scratch, with a fin, I’ll scratch, with a sawbuck, hopin’ for … Continue reading

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Come On In

     It would seem that the Reverend Jake, has a serious side, of which I was not fully aware. This came in a message this week, as a suggestion for my Sunday offering to you.. So on behalf of the Right Reverend, (and with thanks … Continue reading

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