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He Is Gone, He Has Risen

    Happy Easter to all of my Christian friends and followers and of course Happy Passover to my Jewish friends and followers as well. I wrote this yesterday in the spirit of  Easter, it was written as a spiritual … Continue reading

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     Mom, this one’s for you.. We miss you! Woman-Mother-Saint The lines had deepened until creases became. Beauty had altered, not diminished, just changed. Her eyes still as bright as a summer’s blue sky, and her laughter as light as … Continue reading

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     Well, three more months and we, (civilization) will be Kaput, Finis, Over and Done, Finito!!! The world as we know it will be no more… That is what “everyone” was saying at the beginning of this year. “The Mayans predicted the … Continue reading

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The Mountain

     This is another new poem, and it is spiritual in nature. I really like the way it came together and I hope that you will too. The Mountain I stood atop the mountain and I looked God in the eye. … Continue reading

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Business Advice

      Though the title implies business as a commercial enterprise, it is set more, to the business of life in general. Please read and respond, if it strikes a chord.       I have a mini-break from work coming over the next … Continue reading

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Just Nonsense

     Oh boy, another Saturday morning, what do I feel like posting today, let’s see, something political,,nah, how about something serious, like greed or death,,nah, spiritual maybe, nah, wait I’ve got it, HUMOR, how about something silly,,in fact, how about … Continue reading

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Doom And Gloom

     In keeping with yesterday’s post, a reposting. Read it and (don’t) weep. I am trying to keep to my promise of “no more long-winded introductions” although it is difficult sometimes. Enjoy, Jake. DOOM AND GLOOM  “It’s coming soon,    impending doom,     the … Continue reading

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Cry Not For Me

     This is the time of year when we are supposed to think of our fellow-man. Though this poem was not written during this season of “Goodwill Towards All,” I believe that it reflects the spirit of it, just the same.      Have a most joyous … Continue reading

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That Farthest Shore

       Sunday morning, I think something spiritual is in order. I just finished this on Friday last, (9/2/11) and in the nick time for this morning’s sermon. That Farthest Shore  My body is but a vessel,  for the being that … Continue reading

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Rachel’s Wedding

      Well, the long-awaited day arrived on schedule. Prayers answered, not a drop of rain. I am going to try to relate the proceedings as best as I can remember, (that will be a challenge) but, for now I will only … Continue reading

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