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     Ah yes, the good old days, do you remember your parents and grandparents saying how much better things were back in their day? Well now it’s our turn to relate just how simple life seemed to be back when we were growing up. … Continue reading

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The Willow’s Lament

     The following has been posted before, but as I re-read it I decided some editing was called for, but the context is the same, with just a bit of word shuffling and emending.      I am hopeful that you … Continue reading

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The Day Of Reckoning

     Okay, what if the Mayans were right? What if December 21st 2012 is our end of days? Hmmm, that would make it our…. The Day Of Reckoning Denim and silk, scotch whiskey and milk. Green eggs and ham, a … Continue reading

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River Of Heartbreak

     I’m sorry for the lackluster performances lately, but as I explained yesterday, we are very busy at work and my time here at “Blog-Central” is extremely limited. So enjoy that while you can, because in the words of ‘ARNOLD’, … Continue reading

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The Prospect For Peace

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     I think I’m safe in saying that we’ve all seen a body of water, be it ocean, lake, stream, pond or river, early in the morning with the sun appearing over the horizon, when the day is fresh and new. And there’s a serenity within us that … Continue reading

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A Cynic’s Look At Autumn

     There were so many things we did back in the “old days” that have been proven to be very harmful to the environment. We just didn’t know any better, like disposing of paints and motor oil into landfills, flushing gasoline down storm … Continue reading

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The Monkey And The Goat

     Whimsy has taken control lately and this is the latest result..It is definitely directed towards kids, and adults who like to think like kids. A show of hands, please. (Me too) So gather the kids, grand kids, spouses and pets and … Continue reading

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Zelda’s Well

     What to post, what to post? Did you ever have one of those days? I have them all of the time, so I use the mental dart board approach. That is why some of my material reappears from time to … Continue reading

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God’s Gifts

      God‘s Gifts God gave us this beautiful planet. And He gave us our eyes, to see. And He gave us the power to save it. Yes, that power is in you and in me. He gave us the air and … Continue reading

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River Of Heartbreak

      Just before I had my little mental shut-down, a week or so ago, I  finished this poem in a matter of hours. I liked it a lot  from the very beginning, for the way that it came together and the message of it’s content.  There … Continue reading

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