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Same Old, Same Old

          Now that we have passed into the new year, and the resolutions that we make are now front and center. Such as: “I’m going to be a better person this year”… “I’m going to lose weight, this year” … Continue reading

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The Eternal Smile

     This poem started off innocuously enough, with nothing in particular to connect it to anyone or anything, but as it took shape it became a tribute to the passing of a close personal friend of my wife who … Continue reading

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Nursery Rhymes And Fairy Tales Revisited Pt. 5

    This was the first one of these that I wrote, it is probably the tamest of the lot, and maybe I should have led with it. However I didn’t, so here it is now, and there are more … Continue reading

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I Am What I Am, But What Am I?

Well I started the week with what I thought was a bit of humor, but apparently, I was among the few who felt that way. So let’s try again shall we? This is more straight-forward in its content. I do … Continue reading

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The Mountain

      My friend Mary, (see Mary’s Limerick) asked me for a prayer poem for her dear friend Barbara who is currently undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. Barbara has already beaten another type of cancer, but is now gearing up for … Continue reading

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Long Before Now

     Ladies and gentlemen, (drum-roll please) I give you now my first attempt at prose. The following short story is a work of fiction, and any similarities to any person or persons living or dead is purely coincidental and … Continue reading

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The Right To Remain Silent

    With immigration reform being bandied about in Congress, here is my take on the whole situation.. No frills, no beating around the bush and especially,  NO AMNESTY!! The solution to the illegal immigration problem is enforcement of the … Continue reading

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The Admonishment Of Sister Saint Mary

     A light-hearted look at the clergy as Father Thomas’ patience with the young nun had been tested for the third time. There is always something humorous to be found in, or created  from, old saws and adages. I hope you get a … Continue reading

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The Golden Age Of Rap

      Those of you that have been with me for a while know that I am a somewhat unaccomplished and untalented song writer, and you may have read this one before, (but now it has been edited and allegedly improved upon) and you know that it is my … Continue reading

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The Turning Of The Worm

     Short and sweet, plain and simple, this poem is about minding your own business. And what may happen if you don’t..      Have a great Thursday everyone, Jake.   THE TURNING OF THE WORM  I think that we should … Continue reading

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