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Open To Scrutiny

      “Tattletale” used to have a negative connotation, but with money to be made/had by sending “us” your pictures, stories, videos etc. we have become a society of,,, yup, “Tattletales”. Greedy, attention-seeking, people, not at all unlike those made infamous by George … Continue reading

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     Well now, what is humor? What is humorous? What makes us smile or laugh? There is not a single answer to these questions as we are all so different in our perspectives of “almost” everything. Take my wife,”please”, (thanks to the … Continue reading

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Star Births

     I don’t know whether it was because my birthday was approaching at the time or mere coincidence, but this thought passed through my mind. “What if I was born on June 22nd or June 24th, or perhaps just an … Continue reading

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Butch And The Kid

     This is my take on Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, I’m sure I’ve posted it before, but I’m not exactly sure, so like it or not,(though I really hope you do) here it is. We were talking today about the movie … Continue reading

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Rain On The Glass

     Have you ever sat inside a car/truck/vehicle on a day, or night, of misty drizzle?  Whoa, doesn’t that sound like the name of a stripper?… I can almost hear it now, (or what I think, it may sound like, as I have … Continue reading

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If Jesus Had A Brother

     Please excuse me if this poem sounds or seems somewhat sacrilegious, it was not intended to be so..It is just another example of what goes on in this head of mine, when I start thinking..Rare as that may be…The beginnings … Continue reading

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Butch and the Kid

     I don’t know why, but this seems as good of a time as any to unveil a poem with a western flair.. I have at least one more, but I thought I would start with a subject that most of us … Continue reading

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     For the next seven days, I will be posting, in installments, a poem that I have recently completed called “Perception.”  I hope you will all enjoy it, though I believe the ladies especially, might find it interesting, as it is … Continue reading

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     For some unknown reason, when I post “Reflections” they seem to be well received, however, “Interjections” have not had the same response. So I will “endeavor to persevere,” (from the movie.. The Outlaw Josie Wales, one of my favorites … Continue reading

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