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The Once And Future King

     Inspiration struck me again this morning and this was the result. Now, whether YOU, the reader finds this inspirational or not is entirely a matter of opinion, preference or taste. But, I do hope that for whatever reason … Continue reading

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The Gold Star Mother

     A few days ago a good blogging buddy of mine (Carl D’Agostino of: “I Know I Made You Smile”)* inspired the following poem, when he published the post: “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2015: Mother’s Day”** in which he … Continue reading

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My Dog Pride

    This is a work of fiction, no animals were injured, in any fashion, during this production. Any resemblance to any other canine, living or dead, is purely coincidental and is not intended to bring tears to the eyes … Continue reading

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A Hero Comes Home

A Hero Comes Home The whistle echoed throughout the hills, long before the train appeared. That let us know that you were home, and soon, that we’d stand near. * Not long ago you left us here, to seek your … Continue reading

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  I couldn’t remember if I had posted this one before, so I entered a search on my home page, and as it turned out, I had not posted this particular one, but my search did bring up “Teardrops Of … Continue reading

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The Horse Of Death

     HEROIN… Enough said!  The Horse Of Death  Upon the horse of death the lancer rides leaving in his tracks all sense of pride, when unable to dismount he must reside within the living hell that burns inside. * … Continue reading

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The Laird’s Demise

What better way to begin the week than with the suspicion of foul play involving royals?  The lord of the manor takes ill during a drinking fest.. Who or what was the cause of his passing? You be the judge! … Continue reading

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The Willow’s Lament

     The following has been posted before, but as I re-read it I decided some editing was called for, but the context is the same, with just a bit of word shuffling and emending.      I am hopeful that you … Continue reading

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The Turning Of The Worm

     Short and sweet, plain and simple, this poem is about minding your own business. And what may happen if you don’t..      Have a great Thursday everyone, Jake.   THE TURNING OF THE WORM  I think that we should … Continue reading

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My Life’s Path

     A Sunday morning thought.. My Life’s Path I cannot help but ponder the path that I have taken, to bring me now through all my living days.  Why the hills I’ve had to climb have ne’er been mountains, nor … Continue reading

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