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A True Man’s Passing

     Has it really been three years? How time does pass swiftly in retrospect! Rest in peace Mike Urban, you are remembered..      May we all pause for just a moment today to remember someone who has been … Continue reading

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Christmas Cheer

     From the ghost of Christmas past, comes this bit of advice. I’ve edited it somewhat this year, I hope you enjoy it and perhaps some of us will heed the message. (Though as usual, it probably won’t be … Continue reading

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Death Of A Stranger

    I’ve been working on this one for most of the month, and each time that I read it, I change it. So I’m not going to read it again.. For a while.. It is very long, but I … Continue reading

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Mary’s Limerick

This is in honor of a former co-worker and friend, who had the patience of Job, and the temperament to handle certain situations that others could not. Mary’s Limerick  You sit between the rock and the hard place. Yet you manage … Continue reading

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The Old Man At The Shrine

       I can’t think of a lead-in that would adequately describe the following poem, so I’ll let you read it and decide for yourselves what meaning or message it may carry. Here’s hoping  that your Tuesday is tremendous.   The … Continue reading

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The Wake Of Molly O’Malley

     With Saint Patrick’s Day just past, I thought we’d have one more with an Irish flair. This one is from last June, and it’s especially  for those of you who were not onboard with us back then. But, I do hope that all of you, will … Continue reading

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Saint Paddy’s Day

     The following poem is this year’s winning entry in the 3rd annual St. Patrick’s Day poetry contest, which is sponsored by the good  folks here at And, against all odds, for the third consecutive year, the recipient of this coveted award and the $500.00 grand prize that … Continue reading

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Sean Michael McGee And The Papalcy

     Written two years ago as my St. Patrick’s Day offering it seems quite a bit more appropriate this year with the events unfolding in Rome. I hope that it is as well-received this year as it was then..       May … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Day In Haiku

     With but one week to go until the day of all days for the Irish, me thought something of  Japanese origin would do nicely to confuse the hell out of ya’s. Enjoy! Jake. St. Patrick’s Day In Haiku When the beer … Continue reading

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The Life and Death Of Connor Finnegan

     Get yourself a cup of tea, or coffee if you prefer, and put your feet up,  for this is a long one. First published two years ago as my St. Patrick’s Day offering it seems to have garnered even more … Continue reading

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