Who Am I? Who Are You?

     My name is Jack Downing, (though I often use the sobriquet, Jake) and I think of myself as a poet. Believe it or not. A couple of years ago,(2009) out of the blue I began writing what I thought of, as song lyrics. Why?  Because I am delusional, I thought all you had to do is write something that sounded good and it rhymed, then someday you can take your stuff somewhere and someone will put music to it, and somehow, BINGO! Your rich. Some awakening I had. After writing approximately 80+ song lyrics, I’m still broke, I’m still here, and I still can’t play an instrument, nor carry a tune. About 1500 miles from Nashville, Tennessee, where I know they’re just waiting for ME, the next coming of  Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash.. All rolled into one! Without the musical ability, as previously mentioned. But did I mention I consider myself a poet? I found out the hard cold facts of the literary world. Songwriters make money, poets make, well… Poems!

     Please read my work, it won’t cost you any money, (damn it) and occasionally I toss in a “song lyric” just to thumb my nose at Nashville. My poems cover all the bases, some you will like, some you will not, and some will make you smile, laugh, think or  just shake your head, I’ve even heard that a couple have made people cry. (From the content, not the writing.)  

     Thank you for at least coming this far, oh, and by the way, the title says “Who Am I? Who Are You?”  I would like hear from you. Use the comments section, I try to answer all of the comments that I get here, as soon as possible. I have a number of new friends and bloggers that have started that way.

     If you see something here at poemsandponderings.wordpress.com that you like, tell a friend….. And should there be something that you find here that you don’t like… Well, you can just keep your big mouth shut. Ha, just having some fun with you. Thanks again for stopping by, please come back soon.


43 Responses to Who Am I? Who Are You?

  1. Lafemmeroar says:

    I’ll definitely come back again 🙂

    • You are always welcome here, thank you for the first visit to my blog, I am so happy that you enjoyed it.
      I am about to reciprocate…The Laser for Parents caught my eye, going there first.
      thanks again,

  2. Beth Ann says:

    Did you just update this? I don’t remember that it was quite this witty when I first started following you. I mean, I KNEW you were witty, but not quite this witty!!! It’s Sunday afternoon and I think you know about all there is to know about me that is important….just cruising my favorite blogs and you know yours is one of them!!! Thanks for the laughs, the reflections, the introspection and all that rigamarole. I totally am a fan!

    • Yeah, about a month ago I was reading some of the helpful hints from wordpress and one was update your “Home” posts occasionally, and that just seemed to be what I had to say at the time..Must have been a Sunday evening after a few football games and a few “beverages,” the beverages tend to make me verbose, the witty part comes naturally. (picture me bowing here) My favorite Football teamis the Pats (ha ha I typed pasties first)..No I didn’t…Just some more of that wit. As always I am truly appreciative of your support and encouragement…You are a Charter Member here at poemsandponderings,entitled toall ofthe rights and benefits thereof….Nowthat’s funny!! Rusty? Rusty?Are you still there? Rusty?? Thanks, Jake.

  3. Beth Ann says:

    Is one of those benefits a Jag because I am trying to angle to get one of those and my sons have not come through yet…
    Very happy to hear I am a charter member. Don’t think I am a charter member of anything other than your blog!!! Woo hoo!!!! And maybe I need to go update my home post, too. ……might need to wait till later tonight after I indulge in a glass of vino.

  4. I’m one of your fans.

    • And I yours.. Thanks Clare for coming on board, I need all the fans I can get…lol

    • Mavrick says:

      You’ve really imesrpsed me with that answer!

    • while it's true that i can possibly blow a bunch of money on a big purchase, I don't really buy anything I don't need…unless I have cash in my pocket.When I have cash I go out to eat or buy a shake or whatever. If I have to have cash, i prefer to mix and match — have mostly larger bills but keep a few smaller ones so that I don't break the big ones for that thing that I actually really do have to pay for (toll, for example)

      • ‘A fool and his money are soon parted’.. And ‘a wise man learns from his mistakes, but a truly wise man learns from the mistakes of others’. But neither has any meaning to the average schmuck just trying to make a living. Unless she/he can keep the big bills! lol

  5. josephine says:

    i love your writings…i’ll always follow your blog.

  6. I truly enjoy your blog… Looking forward to exploring it further. Thank you for following my blog, I hope that you find my own inner ramblings entertaining. Write on!

    • Ramblings are a true form of entertainment, at least I think they are, as I am a “rambler as well. Tidbits of wisdom may be found in all who ramble, both near and far.. Seriously, thank you so much for your thoughtful comments and please read on..

  7. gardenpoet says:

    I was (I don’t know why I always write in past tense…) really plased to stumble upon this, and really like your poetry. You know, its good to know that I’m the only one trying for more traffic! The difference here: you would like to think yourself a song writer, whereas you are in truth a poet. I would love to think myself a poet, but the claim is an iffy one.

    • Perhaps only to yourself you are “iffy,” afterall, I only began writing in 2008/2009 and I had no idea what I was doing.. I was listening to WUMB in Boston(folk music radio) and I started thinking about song lyrics so I began writing them down. After running them by a friend time after time he said “you should write poetry,” and that was how this part of the journey began..So, my point is, just keep writing and it’s okay to be your own toughest critic, but allow yourself to be pleased, if you say what you want to say, and don’t worry about form or format…
      Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m looking forward to reading more of your material, write on.

  8. Thank you for stopping by mine… I am very grateful for that…… I will be coming back again 🙂


  9. Michael says:

    Jake, I love to share with you this, “7×7 Link Award.” I wish you will accept this. The details are in my latest post. But, no pressure my friend, okay? Congratulations and Good Health. Regards. !!!

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  11. Hello! Your blog caught my eye because of the sincerity I hear in your words. I enjoy it too for its originality. I’m a published writer who is currently getting my 2nd book published. I also home school my 4 kids and teaching is another one of my many passions. I’ll post up more details about my new book the closer I get to it going live. Have a great day 🙂

  12. You are not an amateur writer, you’re a pro! A star, and I’m a fan = )

    • Then I will deem you the president of the world’s smallest fan club..Call the Guinness Book of World Records now. But, I am deeply and truly flattered that you think so much of what I do. Pleasekeep yourself well, my friend.


  13. yehey! = ) I got a new title = ) yoo-hoo = )

  14. but btw, that care thing? what does it mean? See? You’re not still giving up on that thought, aren’t yeah? I did let go already. Im just a poet, thats all it is. I’m ok, I’m happy, very actually, and Im absolutely fine!

  15. I will never be able to understand the huge oversight on my part. I hope you don’t hold it against me. I .. thought I was already following you. I came here soon after making your aquaintance from the mothership (that’s just so the others think you talk to aliens, thus ubercool. I mean you already are cool… I’m just adding to the legend). I have been…struggling. I made it right. And am now sir, your loyal follower. I mean officially. Like up there on the top thingy it says following …see? No wait that’s on mine. Anyways.. I got it right now. 🙂
    If you feel the ned to edit this comment in anyway ..add more you are awesome…brilliant…best evers…feel free. Or however… its all good. 🙂

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  17. I am going to announce you as the lucky winner of my free copy of my book Salsa! You were the only one that answered and showed initiative to go look up the answer 🙂 So please email me your address and here is my email: evasantiago310@gmail.com Yay!!

    • Wow I am so honored to be the recipient of your new book… I thank you so much.. My address is: Jack Downing 92 Rear Alexander St. Framingham, Ma. 01702 I am very much looking forward to reading it. Again, I thank you.


      • GREAT! I ask that you help me spread the word about my book and also after you read it, write a review for me on my blog. I will put it in the mail next week for you. Do you want me to sign it for you?

      • But of course, that way after you’re famous, it will be worth more to my descendants someday, on “Pawn Stars”..lol

      • Jenn says:

        dragons and other mythical beasts My 6 year old daughter checked this book out from the library. After reading it, she was totally enthralled. She begged me to buy it for her. Now we read a part of it almost every nii.thBeautgful pictures and interesting descriptions are a winner in both my and my daughters eyes.

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