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The Money Tree

    The following is a mixture of fantasy, folly, humor and humility, wrapped up in a moral.      What if,,, money did grow on trees?     Enjoy, Jake. The Money Tree I’ve wondered how different my life would … Continue reading

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Visitors On The Lawn

     With the onset of Autumn many of nature’s creatures are and will be looking for sustenance to survive the winter’s long duration. I invite your comments.. Have a superb weekend everyone, Jake. Visitors On The Lawn Oh, they … Continue reading

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The Fourth Of July

     The Fourth of July should remind us not, of parties and indulgences, but of  how and why it came to be our defining moment. I do hope that you all will have a healthy and happy Fourth, and … Continue reading

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Death Of A Stranger

    I’ve been working on this one for most of the month, and each time that I read it, I change it. So I’m not going to read it again.. For a while.. It is very long, but I … Continue reading

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Don’t Blame The Tool

     I know that this one may not be something that you would expect on a Sunday, it’s not spiritual, it’s not humorous, nor is it a “blue skies and gentle winds” type poem, but I will tell you this, Reverend Jake agrees … Continue reading

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Hunting Season

     You may remember this one from last year, but now that the hunting season is here again, it “triggered”  a reminder for me… Don’t go into the woods right now, and it also reminded me of a song that I don’t … Continue reading

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Hunting Season

      This is a poem that I published last fall, I think. But I got an e-mail today with a photo that just seemed a perfect match. A few obviously clever and mischievous fellows from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada decided to “lighten-up” the mood in … Continue reading

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The Music of the Trigger

     Well let me see if I can explain this one, a) it is long, very long, and most likely the longest poem that I have ever written. b) it is western(cowboy) in theme, and not my only one, as I have mentioned before when … Continue reading

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Butch and the Kid

     I don’t know why, but this seems as good of a time as any to unveil a poem with a western flair.. I have at least one more, but I thought I would start with a subject that most of us … Continue reading

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The Saga Of DD Fifty-three

     This poem is a work of fiction, dedicated to those who served aboard naval vessels during World War II. Historical accuracy is not guaranteed, (was sonar actually in use on U.S. surface ships in 1943? I really don’t know.) however, the … Continue reading

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