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A National Prayer

     With all that has happened around this nation during recent times I think that the following may just be the last hope for our country as we know it. Please pray the following prayer at least once a … Continue reading

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The Fourth Of July

     The Fourth of July should remind us not, of parties and indulgences, but of  how and why it came to be our defining moment. I do hope that you all will have a healthy and happy Fourth, and … Continue reading

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Interjections and Reflections

    Here are just a few mid-week tidbits that I thought may entertain, enlighten or just tick you off.. Enjoy them if you can. Jake. The person who said, “the best things in life are free” must surely have … Continue reading

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The Oath

     God Bless America, and her veterans, for they were there for her then and they are here for her now.. THANK YOU from those  of us, who really appreciate your service to our country! Hoorah! The Oath When I swore the … Continue reading

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     May God Bless America..Please! Happy Fourth of July everyone.. AMERICAN I  AM  Now, listen here children, you boys and you girls. You can travel from here, and go, ’round the world. But, wherever you be, and, a slight breeze, … Continue reading

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