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Death Of A Stranger

    I’ve been working on this one for most of the month, and each time that I read it, I change it. So I’m not going to read it again.. For a while.. It is very long, but I … Continue reading

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My Daddy Was A Wise Man

     In honor of Father’s Day, I will re-blog this poem in memory of my dad, afterall he was the inspiration for it.      Thanks dad, may you rest in peace. Jack. MY DADDY WAS A WISE MAN I remember my daddy … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Gift

     My mother, Marie Downing, died on May 9th, 2009 just before Mother’s Day. I wrote this poem in her honor shortly thereafter. Every word of it is the truth. May she rest in peace amongst the angels.      I would like to … Continue reading

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For Heaven’s Sake

     I haven’t dug into the old “song lyric” file for a little while, so here we go again. As most of you know, I don’t know diddley squat about music, and  may have read about that in my “profile” … Continue reading

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The Prison Project

     Blue Monday is over, but I’m not going to let you up, just yet. The following is a poem that has a happy ending for a young mother and her baby, but it also tells of others who will not now, … Continue reading

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My Daddy Was A Wise Man

     Today is Friday, (I think) and in honor of “Father’s Day” I am posting another of my “Songs.”  This one however, is of a more serious nature. It is written in my preferred ‘country style’ genre and it reflects some true memories of my dad. Now except for … Continue reading

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     I know that all of the mothers are going to be very busy today, being the well-deserved center of attention. So here’s to you moms, and to all of your families a small bit of advice.. Look at your mother, see … Continue reading

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Life Is A Feast

     Christmas, is a time to celebrate with friends and family  and wishing for all, love and joy, hope and happiness in His name.  Then comes the New Year with more parties and more good times, and the resolutions that we make for the coming year on how to … Continue reading

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