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The March Wind

As a “tribute” to the winds of March that blustered and bullied us here in New England this past weekend.. The March Wind Tis the lion’s roar we feel this day as the March wind so bitterly bears the freeze … Continue reading

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Winter In New England

     In case you haven’t heard, we are having one heck of a winter here in New England and that’s just in the past two weeks, give or take a day or two. Foot upon foot of the white … Continue reading

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The Farmer’s Almanac In Haiku

     ‘And now for something completely different’* “The Farmer’s Almanac in Haiku.”   Try these on for size a somewhat different view of the Almanac. ………………………………… Please enjoy, and comment. Jake. The Farmer’s Almanac In Haiku Some predictions come from … Continue reading

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Two Shades Of Green

    With all of the talk and/or legislation involving restrictions on coal, oil drilling, fracking and other types of mining, on oil and natural gas pipelines, while offering environmental protection for every conceivable plant, animal and insect, we have … Continue reading

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When A Tree Dies

     A quick look at nature and the ecosystem… Did you ever wonder when you see an old tree lying on the ground, brought down by unknown forces, what did the surrounding area look like when that tree was just a sapling? Who … Continue reading

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Autumn Winds

     It’s that time of year here on the east coast of the United States, Autumn has arrived, and along with it come the chilly winds that strip the trees of their beautiful foliage and leave us with, well, leaves. While … Continue reading

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The Human Swan

    Another look inside the human condition by comparison to our friends of the animal kingdom. How’s that for short and sweet?      Tuesdays don’t suck quite as much as Mondays, but almost, so do the best you can, Jake.   The Human Swan … Continue reading

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