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The Age Of Drugs

     As all of my files are with the computer I really only have a few relatively new poems, that have not experienced the full editing process, but I’ll give you one today regardless.. Please be mindful that it is … Continue reading

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My Get Up Is Gone

     An ode to the old days as it were.. Most, Some, One of us still thinks  fondly of those good old carefree days when our youth pulled back on the reins of life and tomorrow was just another word for, well, tomorrow and the future meant … Continue reading

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Mary’s Limerick

     By now you all know how much I love “limericks” must be the Irish in me. So here is another for your enjoyment, at least that is the intent.      Today is *National “Find a friend Friday” do your … Continue reading

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     In keeping with the theme mentioned in yesterday’s post, another of the seven..I must say that they are not all light and humorous. This would be an example.      I am hoping for a tremendous Tuesday for us all, Jake. Dopey … Continue reading

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Friendships Lost

     Tragedy is often responsible for the loss of a friend or friends, and it really doesn’t matter what the tragedy was, be it an accident, an illness, or just a misunderstanding. It is not necessary for tragedy to involve death or human suffering, any … Continue reading

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Garden of Smiles

©     Okay, enough doom and gloom, (although I do have a poem with that title) it’s time to get back to smilin’.  Again, more fiction, just so you know. I can’t remember growing tomatos, but, I don’t remember a lot of things anymore. (I wonder … Continue reading

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