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On Our Traveling Minstrel Show

 On Our Traveling Minstrel Show Can or will there ever be another, any other, just the same as you or even just as me? If true or not then how will we ever know, if it be so, without proof of such if … Continue reading

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Just A Few Thoughts I’ve Had

     These may give you a look inside my befuddled mind.      Thanks for visiting, Jake.  Random Thoughts and Other Stuff Each morning brings a brand new day and only in God lies the final say to if … Continue reading

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Reflections And Interjections 6 & 16

    It has been a while since I have given you another look inside this disturbed mind of mine. So here are a few things for you to ponder on this Monday morning.      Think about it, Jake. … Continue reading

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Interjections and Reflections

    Here are just a few mid-week tidbits that I thought may entertain, enlighten or just tick you off.. Enjoy them if you can. Jake. The person who said, “the best things in life are free” must surely have … Continue reading

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Interjections And Reflections

     Just a few thoughts on what is going on down in Washington D.C. and a word or two of warning. Have a watchful day, Jake. ……………………………………….. We as a people, should be wary and distrustful of any government which … Continue reading

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Interjections and Reflections

     It’s Saturday, so let us keep it on the light side today.  So I will give you a few thoughts of mine, hopefully to amuse and entertain you. Have a wonderful Saturday everyone, Jake. Interjections and Reflections The pen is mightier, … Continue reading

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Interjections and Reflections

     While attempting, and as of yet, being unable to download my files back into my computer, I realized that maybe that is a good thing. I still have access to them from the disk and I now have more space on … Continue reading

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