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When Next I Go

     After the frivolity of St. Patrick’s Day, and with the seasons of Easter and Passover upon us, I thought something a little more spiritual may be in order.       I hope you like it,       Jake. When Next I Go My eyes … Continue reading

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The Day Of Reckoning

     Okay, what if the Mayans were right? What if December 21st 2012 is our end of days? Hmmm, that would make it our…. The Day Of Reckoning Denim and silk, scotch whiskey and milk. Green eggs and ham, a … Continue reading

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The Law Suit

     I’m really pressed for time today, I’m off to work some overtime at the real job. So I’m giving you a brand, spanking new poem that I just wrote yesterday.. There is truth in humor and humor in truth.      I hope you … Continue reading

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The “Hoolies”

     As I said of yesterday’ poem, that it may have been fitting for a Sunday, then this new poem, may be fitting for a Monday, but I hope it’s not too fitting. Have some fun with it but, heed the message.      I … Continue reading

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Jordan’s Brook

     This one is fitting for a Sunday, I think. Enjoy, and God Bless, Jake. JORDAN’S BROOK  I have lived inside, this shell, that’s I, for decades six, plus more, and I’ve searched my mind, but, have yet to find, … Continue reading

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A Passing Conversation

      Feeling spiritual today, I don’t know if it is just the process of reflection on life, or because of Hurricane Sandy, that is about to smash into the east coast of the U.S..  But whatever the reason, I pray that He will answer all of the prayers … Continue reading

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A Goodbye Smile

     Here it is Saturday morning, and that is always a good time for a bit of humor, suggestive words and phrases, and of course, double entendre.. Enjoy! Jake. A Goodbye Smile I watched the young man smile at the girl … Continue reading

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It’s A Living

     In keeping with the light-hearted theme of yesterday’s post, these thoughts went through my head on Monday.. Hoping you all have a titilating Tuesday. Smile, it’s okay, no one will see you, Jake.  It’s A Living The plumber once embarrassed, his … Continue reading

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Jewels Or Thorns

     This poem is from way back when I first started writing, and it was one of my first introductions to the Right Reverend Jake. He showed up one day full of the righteousness, that has endeared him to the many, (or … Continue reading

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Seven Steps To Death

     Monday, what better day to post this dark poem? It is fairly long, but it needed to be, to tell the story of the short, misguided life of the subject. Too many news stories of today are reflected in this poem. While … Continue reading

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