It’s A Living

     In keeping with the light-hearted theme of yesterday’s post, these thoughts went through my head on Monday.. Hoping you all have a titilating Tuesday.

Smile, it’s okay, no one will see you,


It’s A Living

The plumber once embarrassed,

his face began to blush.

When pressing down upon the handle

his face was all that flushed.


I was convinced to bundle

TV, phone, and internet.

But now I know a bundle,

is what the provider gets.


My doctor smiled and shook my hand,

firm, but not too hard.

And smiled even broader,

at my insurance card.


A lawyer’s reputation,

is often low, and very sordid.

But that’s the one you look for,

when to the court, you’re ordered.


Jack Downing

Oct. 2012

Copyright© Jack Downing, aka Jake All rights reserved. Contents may not be reprinted or disseminated in any manner without the expressed written consent of the author. JRD 10/2/12


About poemsandponderings

Hearth and Health are wonderful things and if you're without either such sorrow that brings So I cannot express enough thanks to my Lord and to my family and friends for the support you afford! ~Jack Downing~
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8 Responses to It’s A Living

  1. Beth Ann says:

    The cats saw me smile….Chuckle chuckle!!! 🙂

  2. Ha! These are hysterical
    Loved them!

    • Thanks Jennifer, these came to me very quickly and easily, that is usually the way mybeststuff happens..I’m so glad that you liked them and that you took the time to comment..Please don’t be a stranger..Even if you don’t agree with, or don’t like what I write, please feel free to let me know. Thanks again, Jake.


  3. Sally says:

    Very Funny….

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