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The Right To Remain Silent

     In case there was any question on my view of the current immigration problem, read this: The Right To Remain Silent Don’t speak to me about your rights, if you sneak through the fence at night. Or if … Continue reading

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The Turning Of The Worm

     Short and sweet, plain and simple, this poem is about minding your own business. And what may happen if you don’t..      Have a great Thursday everyone, Jake.   THE TURNING OF THE WORM  I think that we should … Continue reading

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Closets And Windows

          It’s been a few years since I last posted this one. Still it is one of my favorites. It is moralistic without doubt, but that moral, is more evident today with all of the “social media” and “smart phones”  and … Continue reading

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Interjections and Reflections

     I am going to listen to my own words today, (see the last entry) and give you a break from my usual verbiage.      Please have a wonderful Wednesday, Jake. Interjections and Reflections The more words, that leave your mouth, … Continue reading

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A Goodbye Smile

     Here it is Saturday morning, and that is always a good time for a bit of humor, suggestive words and phrases, and of course, double entendre.. Enjoy! Jake. A Goodbye Smile I watched the young man smile at the girl … Continue reading

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     Just a few thoughts for today! Temper honesty with judgement. For the truth can be, more hurtful, than the lie.           Why do we lie? That’s a fair question, I think.. We lie for many reasons, for personal gain, to … Continue reading

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The Center Road

     I was reminded of this poem today, as my wife and I were talking about a situation with some friends of hers and I happened to mention that it might be in her best interest to try to stay … Continue reading

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Park Bench Memories

     What in the world has happened to us? Well I don’t know about your world, but as my contemporaries and I continue to walk this planet, one thing seems to be increasingly clear to us, (how ironic that is) that our … Continue reading

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Ninety Days

     I think the best way to start the weekend is with a song..So here is another of my lyrical offerings for you..Again, it is but a taste of the light-headed hearted fellow that I am.      The subject in real life however, is no … Continue reading

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Beer As A Pacifier

     While in practice, the title of this poem works for me, but, there is more to it than MY bad drinking habits. Today I’m going to test your memories, before they forever fade to black. Three years ago in Cambridge, Massachusetts, (July … Continue reading

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