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Backyard Fun (The Pool)

     Number four in the backyard fun series. Kids don’t try this at home without sober adult supervision… As you will see, that rules me out, good luck!      Have a winsome Wednesday everyone, Jake. Backyard Fun (The Pool) As the weather got … Continue reading

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Backyard Fun (The Garden)

     Continuing with the Backyard Fun theme, and now that I have my tomatoes planted, here is my take on gardening. I do hope that some of you take more pleasure in it than I do.. Have a “weedless” Wednesday, Jake. Backyard … Continue reading

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Interjections and Reflections

     I am going to listen to my own words today, (see the last entry) and give you a break from my usual verbiage.      Please have a wonderful Wednesday, Jake. Interjections and Reflections The more words, that leave your mouth, … Continue reading

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The Price of Love

      I must always offer a caveat, (which translates from the Latin to English as, “covering my ass”) before one of these:      The following poem, in no way or manner reflects my past or current relationship with my loving wife (Beth) of thirty-two years,(May 10th see, … Continue reading

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I Ain’t Ready Yet.

     Earlier in the month I wrote this poem and then proceeded to file it away as a someday post. That was until, I read “The Prayer Collector” over at Nae’s Nest@wordpress.com. Renee, (Robinson) seemed to have the same basic idea for … Continue reading

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No Help Wanted

     I really had no idea just how much political material that I have, until I started looking for a particular poem to post. But, it will be the last one, at least for this week. I promised to post something in … Continue reading

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A Message From Clare

Recently Clare from JOURNEY.wordpress.com   had a post about dawn and dusk and how they related to her and her relationship with God. From that post I fashioned this poem. I’m really having difficulty with my computer right now, and hope I can finally … Continue reading

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Through Love’s Eyes

     I have stated many times over, that poemsandponderings was not your grandma’s poetry. Well apparently, I lied. For lately the words that form the sentences that form the poems have taken on a somewhat softer and gentler(read mushy) nature to them, similar I would say to old-fashioned (grandma’s)poetry. So … Continue reading

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