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I’m Going Back To Jesus

     Good morning to you my sisters and brothers!! The “Right Reverend Jake” has taken control of this space for the day. Now those of you who regularly visit this blog, have no doubt heard of me, and of my crusade to … Continue reading

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Ninety Days

     I think the best way to start the weekend is with a song..So here is another of my lyrical offerings for you..Again, it is but a taste of the light-headed hearted fellow that I am.      The subject in real life however, is no … Continue reading

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     May God Bless America..Please! Happy Fourth of July everyone.. AMERICAN I  AM  Now, listen here children, you boys and you girls. You can travel from here, and go, ’round the world. But, wherever you be, and, a slight breeze, … Continue reading

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Did You Miss Me?

     Just so you know that I’m still here and I have not forgotten you, here are a few, very random, thoughts from the Reflections/Interjections files.      Vacations are for resting and relaxing, so not much effort went into this … Continue reading

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I Remember?

     As you all know I recently celebrated had a birthday, and along with age comes certain changes to the body and mind and here is just a bit of a clue as to what you may expect. This is especially meant … Continue reading

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The Prize

     Okay, one more from the poem of the month club.. Another mushy, sappy, romantic poem, fresh off the presses. This should appeal to the ladies more than the gentlemen I would think, but the romantic in me…Made me do it. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Mirrors Of The Soul

     Here now is a new poem, for the romantics out there. Not typical of my works, but I would say it is something that the ladies especially, might enjoy. I would appreciate some/any,  feedback from those of you who are reluctant to … Continue reading

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     Just a few thoughts for you today. This is actually a good exercise for those of us who like to write and/or think. Jot down your musings about the things that are, or have been going on in your life or your surroundings, and for … Continue reading

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God’s Gifts

      God‘s Gifts God gave us this beautiful planet. And He gave us our eyes, to see. And He gave us the power to save it. Yes, that power is in you and in me. He gave us the air and … Continue reading

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Good Morning Yesterday

     I get so confused as to whether or not I have published this poem or that, in previous posts, that I may be repeat myself on occasion. It is for that reason I will apologize to those of you who … Continue reading

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