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The Journey Beckons

     I have not ceased to be nor write, nor to be somewhat contrite, for my leisure in posting on this here blog and for that I blame not spell nor grog.     The cause of course is … Continue reading

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A Day At The Shore

        The following photographs are of Perkins Cove, Ogunquit Me. one of the most picturesque of shoreline locations. I will personally attest to the quality of the food, the fishing and the quaint ambiance oh, and the … Continue reading

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The Old Apple Tree

A salute to the wonders of youth and imaginations that have no limit. The Old Apple Tree What wonder lies behind the eyes of the child not yet deceived? Where impossible dreams, though beyond their means, are not imagined but … Continue reading

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The Old Wazoo

     I think we should have a little bit of humor to start the new year. The following is definitely a case of  a “caveat emptor”  or “let the buyer beware!” It seems especially true when it comes to … Continue reading

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The Scarlet Sky

     Red sky at night, a sailor‘s delight. Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning. Here’s my take on that.      Have a wonderful weekend my friends, Jake. THE SCARLET SKY  When crimson splashes on the sky … Continue reading

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We Sail On The Wind

     Having more difficulties with the files, now I can’t access the old files at all, off of the disk. So I’m afraid you’ll have to settle for something a little bit recent. Please enjoy, Jake. We Sail On The … Continue reading

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The Veteran & Thanks To Those Who Served

      Just a final thank you to our Veterans. The Veteran History will not make note, their name, those keepers past of “Freedom’s Flame.” Nor those who now are guardians still, who bequeath us liberty, by their will. No, history will not … Continue reading

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The Monkey And The Goat

     Whimsy has taken control lately and this is the latest result..It is definitely directed towards kids, and adults who like to think like kids. A show of hands, please. (Me too) So gather the kids, grand kids, spouses and pets and … Continue reading

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U.S. Navy SEAL

     I was saving this one for a special moment, which I’m sure is looming on the horizon, but an e-mail that I received today changed my mind. In it there were pictures, some very graphic, of our troops in combat and … Continue reading

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Recollection #1

     I’m still on vacation…. RECOLLECTION #1 I remember the cold, of Norfolk, when the changing, of the tides, funneled the wind, off the Chesapeake, with a carrier, on both sides. A thousand plus, feet of misery, on any given … Continue reading

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