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A Blanky-Thanky

    I have been woefully neglectful in recent months by not extending my sincerest appreciation to the newcomers who have joined our small band of masochists here at poemsandponderings.wordpress.com. I welcome you to this site on behalf of all … Continue reading

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The Scarlet Sky

     Red sky at night, a sailor‘s delight. Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning. Here’s my take on that.      Have a wonderful weekend my friends, Jake. THE SCARLET SKY  When crimson splashes on the sky … Continue reading

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River Of Heartbreak

     I’m sorry for the lackluster performances lately, but as I explained yesterday, we are very busy at work and my time here at “Blog-Central” is extremely limited. So enjoy that while you can, because in the words of ‘ARNOLD’, … Continue reading

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A Goodbye Smile

     Here it is Saturday morning, and that is always a good time for a bit of humor, suggestive words and phrases, and of course, double entendre.. Enjoy! Jake. A Goodbye Smile I watched the young man smile at the girl … Continue reading

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Interjections and Reflections

     Just a few things for your amusement on a Wednesday morning. Enjoy.. INTERJECTIONS AND REFLECTIONS The first impression, is the one that lasts. But, the last impression, can change that fast. ……………………………………………………….. I once was a young man with … Continue reading

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     I hate my new hours..They seem to be interfering with the quality of my blog. Okay, maybe quality isn’t exactly the correct word for my blogs… They seem to be interfering with the amount of quality time that I … Continue reading

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The Starfish

The Starfish The starfish sits in wait of the rising tide. It has nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. Dependant on the sea to take it home, it cannot make the journey on its own. Poor little starfish left in … Continue reading

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A Royal Blessing

     Why don’t we stay on the “royal” subject one more day? Though this one is not about death and greed, it’s about a wish for all things royal,  for anyone who reads it.       As kings and queens is … Continue reading

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Hope=Glass Is Half Full

     I have just been issued a challenge by Beth Ann over at It’s Just Life  to write about hope, under the title of; “Hope=Glass Half Full.”  Coincidently, I had recently written a poem titled, “Virtues” and the first verse is,, yeah you guessed it….Hope. So fortunately, no further thought … Continue reading

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The Invasion of Sadness

     When I wrote this, as you will know after reading, I had a pervasive feeling of sadness, without any apparent reason. The condition came and went, without warning or explanation for a few days. I still don’t know what … Continue reading

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