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The Once And Future King

     Inspiration struck me again this morning and this was the result. Now, whether YOU, the reader finds this inspirational or not is entirely a matter of opinion, preference or taste. But, I do hope that for whatever reason … Continue reading

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A Non-partisan Political Thought

     Okay, no poetry today, just a thought that I was “pondering” as I awoke this morning. Yes, it is political in nature, but without any partisan intent, as it is fitting(in my opinion) for all elected and/or appointed … Continue reading

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Unstack The Deck

     On Tuesday November 4th 2014 we, the American voters, have the opportunity to regain our nation and our Constitutional rights that were originally implemented, by men of great wisdom, to protect us from any and all abuse of … Continue reading

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Senate Calls For Moratorium On Additional Postal Service Cuts.

    Please tell your Congressperson that you are opposed to any more cuts to and by the U.S. Postal Service. No more facility closings that effect our communities and families, across the nation! No more job cuts that effect … Continue reading

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The Veteran’s Shame

     Today, March 17th, marks the actual date that is traditionally celebrated as Saint Patrick’s Day. Below you will see the back panel of the T-shirt that is sold ($10.00 US) by the Malden, Massachusetts Irish American Club* in … Continue reading

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The Vanishing Class

     If you are tired of paying higher taxes, and having out of control government spending, then you are now, and will continue to be,  a part of “The Vanishing Class” of hard-working folk who are footing the bill … Continue reading

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A Walk Amongst The Ancients

     A little more on the political/historical side if you will. I posted this last year in advance of the elections, as I felt the erosion of personal rights and moral issues to be looming on the horizon if  changes in … Continue reading

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A Question of Freedom

God Bless  Our Vets! Jake. A Question Of Freedom  “Daddy?” she asked, in bed, all snuggled and warm, “daddy what is freedom,  and where does it come from?”  * Her father, a veteran, knew all of the truths, but, how … Continue reading

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The Election Looms

     November 6th is fast approaching, only eleven more days of this nonsense. I think that there should be a limit on the amount of TV and radio ads that they can shove down our throats.. It has now, come down to … Continue reading

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A Crew Of Fools

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     By now I’m sure that you all know that I’m not politically attached to either party. But I do have a very strong opinion on the party that is currently in office and in my opinion, are destroying our once great nation.  And, I do … Continue reading

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