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     I was thinking of posting something today, and I came across this one that I had posted in June of 2013 and I was reminded of my friend Mary telling me about how an old barn had a … Continue reading

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That Old Barn

     Here is one of the (few) new poems that has emerged from this once fertile, but now seemingly barren, imagination of mine. I will tell you up-front that it is all fiction as I have not a particular attachment, to any particular barn, in any … Continue reading

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The Picnic

The first day of May                    should have humor I’d say,                   as well as a moral to learn. That not all good intentions, get favorable mentions, and how quickly our fortunes may turn! *** Enjoy the day and the poem everyone, … Continue reading

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Curtly Speaking

     Once in a while I get up on my soap box, okay maybe more often that once in a while, and I try to relate to others what I am thinking at a given time. Usually though, I try … Continue reading

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I Built An Ark

      Continuing along in the humorous vein.. The following is still one of my favorites, I posted it awhile ago, when there weren’t as many of you reading my balderdash (love that word, it’s fancy for crap) and I was surprised that it did not … Continue reading

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I Have Been Tagged

     Thanks to my new friend Denise over at I have been tagged. She was tagged by and she simply had to “Tag” someone else, actually she “tagged” several of us and after some mind and soul-searching, I think this is … Continue reading

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Life Explained

     I do not know the person who wrote this, it was posted on the wall at work and no author was listed. But after reading it, I believed that it was certainly worth sharing. Hope you enjoy it. Jake.                                                        … Continue reading

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