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The Words Of The Fool

    As well as scamps and scoundrels the most devious and despicable are often seated near the head of the table where they may ensure the most damage! Jake  The Words Of The Fool To sit upon the golden … Continue reading

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No News Is Good News

Or as the “Eagles” have suggested, … “Dirty Laundry”… This is my take on the news that is brought to us on a daily basis.. I hope that you like it.     Have a great day and please,, stay … Continue reading

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No News Is Good News

     My gypsy-like muse has returned, at least for a visit, it would appear. Three poems in two days is a good sign.      The following poem is a look at news-worthy events, some current, some not so … Continue reading

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Open To Scrutiny

      The following entry was started and finished in one day(12/13/11)..Very unusual, as the editing and rewriting process can take a while sometimes. I do hope it is worthy of your “Scrutiny”…      Please have a “watchful” Wednesday, Jake.  Open … Continue reading

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While the Village Slept

      Short but not so sweet… “Complacency, will bring about the demise of Democracy”…..Jack Downing. While the Village Slept  Out, beyond the range, of the scent of the hounds, the invaders massed, in force. Preparing without haste, waiting, without sound, for events, to set … Continue reading

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